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Newsletter - Chemistry - March 14, 2016


March 14, 2016     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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How We Work.  EMAIL: "Hi, I have approximately 11 pallets of Magnesium Peroxide to get rid of. I don't have a lot of specifics on was inventory we inherited in a corporate acquisition.  Please let me know if you have any interest." Kyle  STATUS:  Kyle accepted our offer, and we accepted in the 20,000+ lbs of Mag Peroxide last week!  We now have it for sale.  L: CHI  To Purchase, Call Damon at 303.321.1471 or Email Damon>>

Q #1:  Since the history of this product is unknown, any kind of human consumption application is out.  So, what are some industrial applications, where this Magnesium Peroxide could be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>

Q #2:  Do you have liquids/ chemistry, ingredients,'d like to help in finding a 2nd home for?  Email Details>>
Multi Surface Sealer.  We have 800+ gallons of the super concentrated sealer Zycosil.  L: Den  Click Here for Product Details>>  * Eligible for $500 referral fee (see details below)

PROBLEM:  Kim, a poncho manufacturer, got in a bunch of material to make rain ponchos.  It was only after she finished making the 1,200 ponchos, did they realize the textile company forgot to apply the waterproofing to the fabric prior to shipping.

RESOURCEFULNESS:  Kim desperately wants to try and salvage these finished goods.  She saw our Zycosil and requested a sample of testing.  

Kim is totally our type of customer.  She approaches problems with outside-the-box thinking and is willing to innovate to find a solution.  Whether our Zycosil solves the problem or not, we're betting Kim's resourceful mentality will lead to a solution!
Glass Vials.   These are surplus 10 ml glass vials still in their original packaging.  We have 228,000 of these vials on 16 pallets.  L: Chi   Click to ORDER ONLINE>>

SMALL QTY ORDER:  We have heard from a number of you that you'd like to buy some vials but that you don't want a whole pallet.  So, we're now selling them by the sleeve.  There are 195 vials per sleeve!  Click to ORDER ONLINE>>
Multi Surface Sealer.  Various 1 gallon cans of stains and sealers.  L: Den  Click Here for Product Details>>  

gotCHEMISTRY?  Do you have surplus/obsolete/out-of-date chemistry, ingredients, or products you'd like to find a 2nd home for?  Email Details>>

Speaking Invitation.  "Hi Damon, I am helping to organize a technology meeting of the scientists in North America for our company, AkzoNobel. It will be 50 to 70 scientist working in the application of materials into a variety of areas.  Could you let me know if this would be interesting for you to give a talk? I am sure they would be fascinated by your story." - Dale  RE: Absolutely, that sounds like an audience that our "repurposing" of chemistry and ingredients would resonate with!
ourSTORY:  BEFORE: We took in 30,000 lbs of expired cane sugar from MillerCoors.  AFTER: We found a home for it with a large beekeeper who made sugar water with it and fed it to his bees.  

Q: Do you have off-spec or surplus ingredients you want to keep our of the landfill?  If yes, Contact Us w/ Details>>