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Newsletter - Chemistry July 11 2016

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  WATCH "repurposing" Video Introduction>>
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repurposedPROPERTY.  We're focusing this edition on "repurposing" as it relates to properties and real estate.  
Limestone Quarry --> Concert Venue.  Take a look at this limestone quarry "repurposed" into a world-class concert venue - Dalhalla - in Sweden

Q: Do you have property you'd like to sell that would be a good candidate for "repurposing"?  
Email Details>>

Prison --> ??"We have 60,000 square feet of prison facility that we'd like to find a buyer or tenant who will 'repurpose'.  It has 8" thick concrete walls, floor, and ceiling.  It has a generator for backup power.  It is 1 hour from an international airport." - Nick  RE:  Nick, indeed this real estate has some interesting Attributes, Characteristics, andEngineering (A,C,E)  

"Perhaps turn the facilities into a major refrigerated food warehouse!  Given the thickness of the walls and ceiling, one could perhaps use as is (or maybe add glued on styrofoam panels for added insulation) to each of the cells (leaving each open...of course.  An entire area can be refrigerated or - with added equipment - brought down to freezing temps." - Ken Arnold 

"Films studios are always looking for unique properties to refer to other filmmakers to use as film sets. Such TV shows as The Walking Dead had to actually build whole sets that looked like a prison for a whole season.  The site could be rented by the day week month year to film studios and filmmakers." - Christos

"Some old prisons are leased out to haunted house companies during the Halloween season." - Jacob

Q #2: Do you have property for sale that would be a candidate for "repurposing"?  If so, we're interested!  Contact Us>>
repurposedARCHITECTURE:  Wings off a Boeing 747 were "repurposed" as the roof on this California house.  Absolutely awesome!!!  

Q: Like this wing roof, what other equipment/machinery have you seen "repurposed" into a property?  Submit Your "repurposed" Idea>>
Luncheon Speaker.  Damon is the lunch speaker today at the Missouri Waste Control Coalition conference in Lake of the Ozarks, MO.  Learn more about a "repurposing" presentation for your next event...Click Here>> 

Chicken Wings.  "We have a full truckload (40,000lbs) of off-size chicken wings.  These have been a USDA approved cold storage facility for 18 months.  Can you help us find a buyer?" - Rick

FOR SALE:  These wings are for sale.  L: Dallas  
Email for Details>>

Do you have surplus food or ingredients you'd like out of the warehouse?  Contact Us>>
MOVING SALE.  As you may have read, we're going to be moving to a new Chicagoland location this summer.  We want to move as little as possible.  So, we're open to offers on some of our inventory!

20 gal Steel Drums.  Qty 450+ barrels.  19" Dia x 21 1/2" H.  L: Chi 
 Email Offer>>

275 gal Totes.  Qty 60 totes/truckload  Make offer on a full truckload!  L: Chi  Email Offer>>

MOVING SALE.  Douglas Fir Beams.  L: Chi  Click Here for Beam pricing>> 

MOVING SALE.  Parking Lot Fabric.  L: Chicago (Also, in Denver & Atlanta).  Click Here for Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedGEAR.  "Hi Damon, We have 5,000,000 unused, in-the-box Chemsplash 7012YS suits.  These are leftover from the BP oil spill a few years back.  The suits are sizes 2XL-6XL." - Dave

FOR SALE:  These suits are for sale in truckload quantities of 50,000 for introductory price of $1/suit.  If you have serious interest, 
Contact Us>>
weirdSTUFF...Aluminum Poles.  We just got in 800 aluminum poles that were used as structure in trade show booths.  They are all 5/8" x 29 1/2" and each has a male and female end.  L: Den   Click for Pictures and Pricing>>

repurposedIDEA:  A customer called about the aluminum poles and said they will be using them for their duct cleaning business.  They will attach them together and put “cleaning tools” on the ends to reach into the ducts and ceilings for cleanings.

SURPLUS...Flood / Spill Kits.  We just did a deal for 6 semi loads of these flood / spill barrier kits.  This is all brand new product.  The manufacturer is FB Systems.  Watch Demo videos of the product>>    ORDER ONLINE>>

NOTE:  We will reduce our price for bulk buyers like FEMA, city governments, insurance companies, etc!!!!

Q:  Do you have surplus/obsolete inventory you'd like deal on?  Email Us>>
Semi Trailer Flooring.   This is brand new, never installed hardwood trailer flooring.  The floor boards are 1" x 12" x 20'-24' w/ ship lap edges.  L: Phi  Click Here for Trailer Wood Pricing>>  

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "Here in Amish Country, 'repurposing' trailer flooring for our barn floors is one of our little secrets!" - Moses Lapp in Pennsylvania

Our Customers.  We often get asked, "Who are your customers?"  The world famous Buffalo Chip campground in Sturgis, SD purchased a truckload of 55 gal Drums.  They "repurposed" them as trash cans last summer at the 75th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

55 gal Drums w/ Lids.   We have another truckload of very nice used steel drums w/ lids. ($15/barrel in truckload quantities)  L: Philadelphia 
 Click Here for Pricing>>

Mobile DTE 10 Excel 15.  We have seven 55 gal drums.  L: Dallas   Contact Us for Pricing>> 
Aviation Paint.  We just took in 200+ gallons of PPG Desothane HS 8800.  L: Denver  Email for Details>>


Dupont Zonyl 8740.  The Zonyl 8740 is a penetrating sealer for porous, less porous, and polished stone surfaces.  L: Atl  Make Offer - We are open to offers on a single 55 gallon drum or on all 7 we have in stock.  Email Offer>>

Sample Request"Any trial sample that I can try out to in Singapore?" - Vincent Lee in Singaporeus

SanotracinRTU.  This is a sporicidal disinfectant cleaner.  Qty: Eleven 275 gal totes.  The active ingredient is 4-5% Hydrogen Peroxide.  L: Chi Read SDS Sheet>>  Make Offer - We are open to offers on a single tote or on all 11.  Email Offer>>

"Another use for this chemical is to eliminate mold spores and have proved to be a very effective method to eliminate mold." 
Ron Pass

Nanogel w/ Carbon Black.  We have 3 bulk bags of this product.  L: Denver   Contact Us for Details & Pricing>> 

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "There is a company by the name of Wasco Skylights in Wells Maine that sells skylights that have nanogel in-between two layers of polycarbonate domes.  The nanogel enhances the insulation value of the skylight.  You may want to contact them and see if they are interested." - Mark

repurposedGEAR #2.  "Damon, I am w/ our state waste exchange.  Would Repurposed Materials be interested in steel-toed rubber boots from a food processor?  The FDA requirements say that they can only be used for so long.  The boots are in gently used condition, and there are gaylords full of them generated throughout the year.  Various sizes, women’s and men’s, some white, some brown or green colored.  These are generated by a facility that has gone landfill-free." - Julie

"Concrete companies could use these for their guys on pour days." - Dave

"Craft brewers are always looking for a good deal on boots like this." - Eugene

"Waste treatment facility and sewer workers. They have to have steel toed boots and lots of times have to walk in some pretty messy stuff." - Elizabeth

repurposedWEBINAR  Q: Would you like to learn more about our mission/concept of "repurposing"?  Damon Carson, our founder, will give you an introduction in this 45 minutes webinar.  Register at this link, and you'll be able to access the video to view>>
Learn More...about repurposedMATERIALS.  Watch 2 Minute Introduction Video>>  
waste/basedBUSINESS.   repurposedMATERIALS is actively seeking opportunities to acquire, partner, or joint venture with companies that have unique, durable niches within the re-use, re-manufacturing, re-blending, re-moval, marketplace.  Contact Us>>