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Newsletter - Chemistry - Jan 13, 2016


Jan 6, 2016     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
(Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas and Philadelphia/NJ coming soon)
ourSTORY.  BEFORE: We took in 60,000 lbs of polymer absorbent that was abandoned in a California warehouse about five months ago.  AFTER:  We just sold all 60,000 lbs yesterday to a company specializing in waste solidification.  Martin, we appreciate your business!

repurposedINQUIRY.  "Damon, I am intrigued. I currently have responsibility for environmental stewardship and sustainability for a Novartis facility.  We often have bulk items/raw materials that are rejected due to quality or other requirements, and I always try to find a way to 'repurpose' or reuse these materials." Ryan  RERyan, Please send a list of your expired/surplus inventory for review!

Q: Like Ryan, do you have obsolete or surplus inventory you'd like to keep out of the landfill 2016?  Contact Us>>

Tapioca Starch.  40,000 lbs of bio certified tapioca starch manufactured for the cosmetic industry.  L: Atl  Click Here for Specs>>
repurposedSUGGESTION:  "Hi Damon,  I grew up professionally in the groundwater restoration and protection business.  Guar gum (“tapioca” mixed with water is somewhat similar) has been used to keep deep trenches open during excavation. The weight of the water counteracts the ground pressure that would otherwise cause the sides to cave in, while the higher viscosity due to the tapioca keeps the water from just seeping into the soil. When the trenching is done, and whatever pipe or cable is set in the bottom, the natural guar gum polymer is “broken” by addition of a natural enzyme as the trench is backfilled and the water seeps into the ground." - Stephen Farrington
expansionUPDATE.  We'll be opening in Dallas in just a couple of weeks.  We got the keys to our new location Monday in the Dallas suburb of Forest Hill, TX.
Stainless Steel Tubing.  3/16" stainless tubing.  This is unused, surplus inventory.  Location: Denver   Click Here for Pricing>>

Before:  This tubing came from a laparoscopic surgery instrument manufacturer.  They changed the specs on their tubing, so this inventory became obsolete.  As you can imagine, this tubing is super high quality!

After:  "We had an artist suggest making a sculpture out of your tubing.  I think at least two boxes but will need to have him do the math." Doug  RE: Yeah, how about something like this art sculpture of Muhammad Ali.

Q:  Any other ideas for "repurposing" this stainless tubing?  
Email Ideas>>
Hydraulic Oil.  (Chevron Rando HD 68)  1,300 gallons  L: Atlanta   Click for Details>>

backSTORY: A shipyard in Louisiana changed the kind of hydraulic fluid they inventory.  So, this Chevron product was excess inventory.
repurposedFUNNY:  A Ph.D. from Ohio State University was leading a sustainability session that Damon attended a year or so ago about starting a byproduct synergy group.  Damon went up and introduced himself afterward and offered to help the group by trying to find "repurposes" for some of the waste streams.  He cut him short and said, "We don't like 'scavengers' like you in our groups."  Ah, the academic elites, you got to love them.  
(depackaging, decanning, etc..)
de-packagingINQUIRY:  "Hi Damon, Can you give me some insight on your depackaging operations? We are looking at a laundry powder that is currently retail packaged (boxes) and would like to know how much it might cost to have the boxes emptied into supersacks.  There are approx. 90K boxes." - Parm