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Newsletter - Chemistry - February 2016


Feb 7, 2016     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
(Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas and Philadelphia/NJ coming soon)
Multi Surface Sealer.  We just did a deal for 4,000 liters of the super concentrated sealer Zycosil.  Location: Denver  Click Here for Product Details>>

backSTORY:  The chemistry behind this multi surface sealer was originally developed to seal the heat tiles on the underside of the Space Shuttle while it sat on the launch pad during rainstorms.

Money $aving Tip.  "Want to take bulk deliveries to save money, but don't want to spend the time, money, hassle of installing a bulk tank, building secondary containment, and calling for annual tank inspections?  I just purchase some used 275 gal totes and hook them together in parallel.  The tanker offloads just as quickly and everybody is happy " - Leon  Click Here for Used 275 gal Totes>>
repurposedINQUIRY.  "I am the Lifecycle Materials Manager at a Department of Energy facility.  We are currently changing the way we manage chemicals both here and at our other remote sites.  We currently have a program that results in a significant amount of useful materials being sent for disposal.  I read the article on your company in the Chemical and Engineering News and was very interested in the possibility of working with your company." - Lyman  Read Magazine Article>>

Q:  Like Lyman, do you have chemistry, ingredients, products, etc that you're not managing very well and that lead to high disposal costs?  If yes, Contact Us>>
Blue Silica Gel.  Qty 12 - 500kg sacks.  L: Den  Click Here for Product Details>>  Q: Any "repurpose" ideas for this blue silica gel?  Email Us>>

repurposedIDEA"We place 1 kg of gel like this in a sock and throw that in the barrels holding our fireworks to keep them in good condition." - Karl
Off-Spec Soap.  "Most hot mix asphalt producers use some sort of 'release agent'.  The largest volume of use is to coat truck beds prior to loading, to minimize the amount of hot mix asphalt that sticks to the interior truck bed and end apron.  Our company switched to a soap-based material as the truck bed release agent several years ago.  It is an off-spec product that we get so as to keep the soap company from sending it to a landfill." - John

Q: #1: Like with this asphalt company and the soap, do you have another example of where you've "repurposed" chemistry from an unlikely source to solve a problem?  Email Ideas>>

Q: #2: Do you have liquids/ chemistry, products, ingredients, etc...that you'd like to keep out of the landfill or not send out for hazardous waste?  Email Details>>

Tapioca Starch.  We have 40,000 lbs of starch that a cosmetic company didn't want.  L: Atl  Email Us for MSDS and Certificate of Analysis>>

testRESULTS:  One of our vodka distillery customers tested it for sugar and alcohol potential and emailed us the following:  "We ran a baseline gravity test on 1lb of the starch tonight. It yielded 60 ppg (or 1.060 specific gravity). That’s an EXCELLENT value. To compare that to other cereal grains, corn/maize is considered to be a very high-yield grain at 35-38 ppg (1.035-1.038 specific gravity). So the starch potentially has an approximate 60% greater yield than corn." - Mark Allen

Q: With this high sugar content, what else could this starch be used for?  Email Ideas>>

Surplus Paint.  We got a bunch of surplus indoor/outdoor, latex paint from a multi project job.  Best of all...the paint is white