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Newsletter: Chemistry - Feb 22, 2016


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Iron Dust.  "First, I love your e-mails.  Second, I run a scrap yard, and I have about 20-40,000 lbs of Fe (iron) dust.  These are not turnings but true, fully magnetic dust.  This item is clean and in sealed, new barrels.  I can no longer recycle with any steel processors because the dust just goes everywhere.  Last night I watched an episode of this This Old House where they used magnetic paint to coat a surface that would be able to hold a magnet after 3 coats.  The special paint was infused with steel powder.  Could we use my dust to make powder paint, and if so does it have a value?" - Adam in New England     

Q #1: So, any ideas for Adam?  Is there value to his iron dust?  Also, what other "repurposes" are there for iron dust?  Submit Ideas>>

Q #2: Do you have obsolete chemistry, ingredients, products, etc. that you'd like to get our of your warehouse?  Contact Us>>
Fire Extinguisher Chemicals.  "We are a tank recycler.  We end up with a large amount of monoammonium phosphate from ABC fire extinguishers.  We save it in 35 gallon drums.  It is very heavy, I probably have a couple of tons at this point." - Tom     

Q: Do you have interest in or "repurposing" ideas for this monoammonium phosphate waste?  Contact Us>>

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ourSTORY:  BEFORE: We took in 30,000 lbs of expired cane sugar from MillerCoors.  AFTER:  We found a home for it with a large beekeeper who made sugar water with it and fed it to his bees.  

Q: Do you have obsolete chemistry, ingredients, products you'd like to find a 2nd home for?  If yes, Contact Us w/ Details>>
Industrial Insulation Waste.   "We have lot of 95% popped perlite with 5% of clay, silicate, silicone, water, and iron oxide pigment.  We make insulated pipe fittings.  Our waste is both baked and unbaked perlite insulation." - Jacob   

Q: Do you have interest in or "repurposing" ideas for this perlite insulation waste?  
Contact Us>>
Chemistry WANTED...Surfactants.   "I am in the hydroseeding business.  We spend a lot of money on buying specialty surfactacts to add to our tanks to help improve the seeds we spray on the ground.  I'm hoping to find an industry that has off-spec surfactant product that could be substituted for our high cost specialty product we buy." - Rick  RE: We applaud your Substitutionary Thinking!  

Q: Do you have any suggestions for Rick on where he might get some surfactant product that he can "repurpose" into his hydroseeding operation?  
Email Us>>
Chemistry WANTED...Carbon Black.   "We are looking for company that has some obsolete, waste carbon black.  Can you help source that for us?" - Alex Rojas  

Q: Do you, or an industry you know, have waste carbon black?  
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