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Newsletter April 6, 2017

April 6, 2017     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>   
In this Edition Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Rolls of Rubber.  BEFORE:  These rolls of rubber were involved in a truck accident on the way to a factory where they were going to be die cut into diaphragms for truck air brakes.  The customer rejected the whole load.  Really!?!  How bad can you hurt rolls of rubber?  Anyway, these brand new rolls of 1/8" x 56" x 100-200' are available for sale.  (NOTE: The blue material is protective packaging layer between the black rubber.)  L: Denver  Email for Pricing>>

Sample Request:  "We are going to test this product for soles of our cowboy boots.  We want to test the durability on different surfaces as well." Lacey

Rolls of 100% Polyester.  BEFORE: "Hello, We have about 10 pallets of new 100% polyester, non-woven fabric.  It was part of a window blind R&D project that we  did not proceed with.  But they had to purchase a container load at the time.  Each are 37.5" wide with about 500 yards on them.  It is Unitika brand, 35 grams/sq meter.  Are these something you would be interested in?" Dianne  AFTER:  Dianne accepted our offer.  We now have the fabric for sale.  L: Denver  Email for Details & Pricing>>

Q: How could this white polyester fabric be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>

repurposedWEBINAR  Q: Would you like to learn more about our mission/concept of "repurposing"?  Damon Carson, our founder, will give you an introduction in this 45 minute webinar.  Register at this link, and you'll be able to access the video to view>>
How We Work.  BEFORE"Damon, I have 29 new, still-in-the-box Cobra-head LED street light luminaires that I have available to sell.  These are excess to our utility company needs.  Please let me know if you have any interest." - Michael Wright  STATUS:  Michael accepted our offer, and we now have these for sale.

Q:  Like Michael, do you have surplus/excess inventory that you'd like to deal on?  
Email Us Details>>

LED Luminaires Qty 29 Cree brand luminaires.  L: Chicago  Email for Pricing>>

newsletterFORWARDS.  "I'm a Realtor in the Denver area. I love all your ideas!  I will send them on to my clients. :) “ – Jani Gardner  REJani, We appreciate your kind words!  We also appreciate you forwarding our newsletters and ideas to clients.  The more we spread the word, the more of these perfectly good materials we get to keep out of the landfill!
repurposedREAL/ESTATE:  We love all manner of "repurposing".  So, we're going to start a new edition focused on different ways to "repurpose" and rehabilitate real estate.  Welcome to Edition #1! 

Elevators.  "We purchased some old grain elevators in west Texas at a very good price because of the drought down in that region.  We converted them from handling grain to handling frack sand for the oil and gas industry down there!" - Mark Rogers  RE: Mark, we love it...taking an idle, obsolete, unproductive real estate asset and "repurposing" it to create a new revenue stream!

Q: Do you have a property that would be a good candidate for "repurposing"? 
Email Us Details>>

repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
Polyiso Insulation BEFORE: We salvaged 45 truckloads of 3" x 4' x 8'  sheets off aAuto Zone distribution center warehouse.  L: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia  Click Here for Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  Jerry bought 4 bunks of this used insulation yesterday to insulate his airplane hanger in New Jersey.  Jerry, we appreciate your business!
BEFORE:  "Damon, I've got 2 tanks that are like new, wanted to see if you are interested in them." - Wilson STATUS:  Wilson accepted our offer on the tanks, and we now have them for sale!

Pressure Vessels.  The two tanks are 60” dia x 190” long w/ a 2,200 gallon capacity.  They are designed for 137 psi. L: Atlanta  
Email for Pricing>> 

Q:  Like WilsonDo you have obsolete/surplus/idle materials, inventory, or equipment that you'd like out of your warehouse?  If yes, 
Email Us Details>>
Steel Beams.  We have a large quantity of used 15' I-beams available.  These beams were salvaged from a structure so they do have a few holes drilled and a few flanges from their previous life.   L: Atlanta   Email for Quantities and Prices of I-Beams>>
Raspberries.  "I have just been notified about $120,000 in raspberries and blackberries located in Texas. Due to a truck accident, the berries were outside a refrigerated trailer about 2 days. Currently they are being transferred into a refrigerated trailer for cold storage.  Interested? I will need an immediate response. I will inspect the load tomorrow." - Vearl

Your Ideas:  "Breweries like myself would kill for these!" - Bob Sylvester

"Fabric or paper dye." - Amy

"Contact a mfg of wild game food supplements to mfg Feral hog or deer attractant." - Rodney Allen
5/16" & 1/2" Galvanized Steel Cable.  We have brand new, unused galvanized steel cable in 5/16" and 1/2" lengths.  Location: Atlanta and Chicago  Click Here for Steel Cable Sizes and Prices>>

BEFORE:  This steel cable comes from the manufacturing of a new product.  When a spool reaches less than 500', it becomes a "drop".  So, this "drop" is brand new, unused cable.

ourCUSTOMERS: "Our deck turned out fantastic with the 5/16" cable we bought from you.  And, we saved huge!" Sandra Bailey in Indiana

"That new, galvanized cable we got from you will last for years in our corrals.  New cable at a fraction of new price...wonderful!" Jack Abrams in Alabama

55 gal Plastic Drums w/ Locking Lids.  These are food grade drums.  (They have not been rinsed so there is a little residue in them.)  And, they are nestable so the shipping is less expensive than normal drums.  This style of drum went fast last time we had them!  500 drums in stock.  $40/drum.  Discounts available on large quantity orders.  L: Denver  >>To order, call Glenda at 303.321.1471>>
Boardwalk Wood.  BEFORE:  This is treated wood we salvaged off the pedestrian boardwalk along the St Johns River in Jacksonville, FL.  L: Atlanta  Click Here for Sizes and Wood Pricing>>

repurposedPOSSIBLITY "Install that lumber on an exterior with a little gap and fill the gap with chinking.  You'd have an awesome looking facade that would last years with the treated lumber." - Ray Riley

WANTED:  Carpet Tiles.   Do you have, or do you know of, an upcoming project where they'll be removing carpet tiles?  If you/they would like to keep these carpet tiles out of the landfill, we might be able to help.  Call Damon at 303.321.1471 or Email Us for Details>>

Our Customers.  "This is our 'idea factory' at Nufarm - a meeting and collaboration space where associates from our office and plant can get together for meetings or events from 2 to 100+ people.  We designed and built 12 quadrilateral small tables out of the used bowling alley wood we got from you that can be arranged in a number of ways, along with the 'aircraft carrier' - a 19 ft behemoth.  The fence is made from reclaimed barn wood and your steel cable.  It's all part of our commitment to reduce waste streams and find higher uses for everything we can." - Brian w/ Nufarm  RE: Wow, Brian that is amazing!  You're really practicing what you preach in terms of sustainability.  When big international companies likeNufarm jump onboard, that is when we can really start making a dent in all this waste we create! 

Bowling Wood.  L: Atlanta, Philadelphia  
Click for Prices>>

Insulated Pavers.  BEFORE: The insulated roof pavers were salvaged from a large re-roof job in the Bronx in NYC These are highly engineered 2' x 4' panels that are a combination of lightweight concrete adhered to foam insulation.  Location: Atlanta, Philadelphia  Click Here for Insulated Paver Prices>>

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "Your insulated roofing pavers would make great skirting for a mobile home." - Jason Faegans in Indiana

Demolition Project?  Q:  Do you know of a good, solid commercial/industrial structure rumored to be set for demolition that you think would be a good candidate for "repurposing" instead?  If yes, Email Us Details>>  Remember, re-use/"repurposing" is the most sustainable option for materials, equipment, ANDbuildings!   
Overhead Bridge Crane.  We just did a deal with a major defense contractor for this large overhead crane.  The crane was made by Royce Crane Co.  L: Dallas  If you're interested in more details and detailed drawings of the crane, Contact Us>>

Q: Do you have surplus, idle, obsolete equipment you'd like to deal on?  
Send Details>>
repurposingHISTORY.  "I saw your mention of WWII army parachutes being 'repurposed' in Italy in the olive grove to catch the olives at harvest time.  (Click for Parachute "repurpose">>.)  Here is a Korean and Vietnam war-era "repurpose".  The locals there collected the jettisoned external fighter jet fuel tanks in the jungles and 'repurposed' them into canoes.  Pretty ingenious I think." -Alex Wallace in Nevada

Q: Like these military history-related "repurposes", do you know of another historical "repurpose"?  
Email Details>>

repurposingHISTORY.  Damon just returned from a trip to Italy.  While on a tour of an olive farm in Tuscany, he learned that after WWII many enterprising olive farmers "repurposed" old parachutes left behind by Allied soldiers.  The old parachutes, with their hole in the middle, worked ideally to use as a skirt under the trees (think Christmas tree skirt) to collect all the olives as they were picked.  While the WWII parachutes have long ago vanished, the parachutes were such a hit that still today they refer to the skirts as "parachutes".  

Q: Like this WWII-era "repurpose", do you know of other historical "repurposes"?  
Email Details>>

Cargo Parachutes.  35' and 100' used parachutes.  Order Online>>

Military Cargo Parachutes 35' & 100' diameters in stock.  L: Denver  Click Here to Order>>

repurposedTRIVIA The #1 "repurpose" for Cargo Parachutes...backyard wedding canopies!  You wouldn't have believed us, so we thought we better include Breanna's inquiry last week as proof!  "Hello, I've been trying to locate a large parachute to help my friend decorate her wedding venue. I've been looking everywhere! I see that you have large ones!" Breanna