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Newsletter April 24, 2017

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>   
In this Edition Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Gym Floor.  We just got in the Univ of California-Berkeley home basketball floor.  With the huge bear painted on the floor, this is one of the coolest college gym floors out there.  The floor was cut out in 4' x 8' sections.  You can see some of the sections pictured, below, on the right.  L: Dallas  Click for Pricing>>

Q: Know any Cal Bears fans?  Please forward them this opportunity.  
Advertising Billboard Vinyls.  Common sizes include 10' x 30', 14' x 48', 20' x 60'  Order Online>>

repurposedPROMPOSAL:  The backside of a 10' x 30' Advertising Billboard Vinyl provided the perfect large canvas for Ethan to paint out his question!  Ethan, a teenage pilot, then flew his girlfriend over the sign at 5,000'.  Katelyn said "yes"!  Thanks for sending pictures of your "repurposed" proposal.    
repurposedCARTOON.  "When I saw this Baby Blues cartoon in the funnies yesterday, I immediately thought of your 'repurposing' company.  Keep up your great efforts!" - Ann Schuh  Read Cartoon>>

European Expansion.  "Hi Damon, What you do...'repurposing'...looks and sounds great!  Just a quick question: are you aware of similar 'repurposing' initiatives here in Europe, by any chance? And, do you have any plans regarding expanding abroad?" Eric Muller-Borle in Luxemborg  REEric, We are not aware of a similar business in Europe.  We have certainly thought about expanding to Europe.  We're waiting for the right partner.
repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
Used Football Field.  We have a couple of different football fields in stock.  L: Philadelphia  Email for Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedINQUIRY "In your Philadelphia listings, I'm seeing a few items I'm interested in and most notably your 9' x 40' football turf.  Do you happen to know where it came from?  This would be used for a portion of a new outdoor brewery space where people would play corn hole or bocce and I'm sure the story of where it came from would be a fun side note."
 - Jason Ufema  

Online Auction.  Stuff is available from all 5 of our locations. - Ends 8pm EST; 6pm MST on Wed, May 3rd L: Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta  Click to Bid>>

NOTE:  We use our online auctions to sell a lot of the materials that are too small in quantity to be featured on the website or in our newsletter.  So, don't miss out! 

CLICK HERE to See ALL Auction Items - Auction Includes:   BILLBOARD VINYLS (15) - BREAD DOLLIES (8) - CONTAINERS (26) - EQUIPMENT (4) - FABRIC (5) - FOAM (2) - IMPORTANT INFO (10) - INSULATION (13) - MISCELLANEOUS (22) - PAINT STUCCO (9) - PALLETS (6) - PIPE (21) - ROPE (8) - RUBBER (18) - STEEL (16) - TURF (11) - VINYL LATTICE (4) - WOOD (19)
T_1817150.JPG  Lots of Steel Pipe of various Diameters....READ MORE or BID>>
T_1817360.JPG Many types of Wood including Bleacher Wood...READ MORE OR BID>>
T_0217265.JPG Lots and lots of Turf...READ MORE OR BID>>
T_1817690.JPG Several types/styles of rope...READ MORE OR BID>>
Our Customers.  We often get asked, "Who are your customers?".  Last week one of our customers was Columbia University in New York City.  "I am a faculty member at Columbia University,  we will be using the material for a student project in the architecture school.  I believe they are making a large public pavilion,  and will be using the billboards as a covering/skin material for shading." Josh Jordan  REJosh, we appreciate you educating the next generation on the positives of "repurposing" on these byproducts and waste of industry!

Billboard Vinyls.  A variety of sizes in stock.  
Order Online>>  New Bulk Discounts:  We are now offering bulk discounts on orders of quantities of 5 and 10 billboards.  Order 5 Pack>>  or  Order 10 Pack>>
Truckload...Plastic Pallets.  We have a truckload of used plastic pallets from aMerck pharmaceutical facility.  We have Qty 460 of these Orbis brand pallets that are 35" x 40".  L: Denver  Email for Pricing>>

interestingFACT:  Many pharmaceutical companies only use their pallets for a single trip and then they retire them.  They retire them because they don't want any chance of cross contamination.  So, used plastic pallets from pharmaceutical companies are usually in great shape.
WANTED...Glass Q:  Do you have any used or obsolete glass you'd like to deal on?  We're interested in any type of glass in larger quantities.  Email Us Details>>

Some of our Past Glass Deals:
1.  Two truckloads (80,000 lbs) of 1" insulated glass in Houston that was tinted the wrong color.  They were going to landfill this glass.
2.  Sports arena in Michigan replaced all their tempered glass from their hockey dasher boards.  We made a deal for the used glass.
3.  300 sheets of 48" x 48" glass panels from a cancelled hotel project in Seattle
repurposedREAL/ESTATE:  We love all manner of "repurposing" including different ways to "repurpose" and rehabilitate real estate.  
Grain Silos.  "I saw this article and thought of you guys.  An Iowa company 'repurposed' an 8-story old grain silo into an ice climbing structure!" - Bill Alexander in Minnesota 

Q: Do you have a property for sale that would be a good candidate for "repurposing"? 
 Email Us Details>>
Fire Hose.  Sizes 1"-5" diameters  L: Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago  Click Here for Prices>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "Found this on Pinterest.  It is a temporary RV sidewalks made with wood slats and 'repurposed' fire hose." - Steven Haines

How We Work.  BEFORE:  "We have a pallet of magnets that have a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back.  We used these magnets in kits we made for a large company.  This company provided the magnets to us and they sent us way too many.  The product is no longer on the market and the magnets have been in our shop for over 15 years.   Can you find a home for them?" - Dennis  STATUS:  Dennis accepted our offer, and the magnets are now for sale.

Q:  Like Dennis, do you have obsolete product you'd like out of your warehouse?  We have interest!  
Email Us Details>>

Adhesive-backed Magnets.  There are 30 cartons that contain 1,500 pieces that measure  1 5/8" x 1 3/8" x 1/16" thick.  Price: $150/carton of 1,500 magnets.  L: Chicago  Order Online>>
Your Ideas for Magnets "Could a number of these be glued to a wood plank with wheels to be used to help pickup metal debris from lawns after a re-roofing project?" - Mike

"If I had them I would sew them into dog and horse blankets to make therapy blankets. Magnets are good for what ails you!" - Julia

" Depending on size, the dairy industry may be able to use to insert in the rumen of cattle to prevent 'hardware disease'." - Kathy

"Just watched this Breaking Bad episode this weekend about magnets!" - Andy  

Used Conveyor Belting.  L: Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Denver   Click for Conveyor Belt Details>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "Your conveyor belting has been ideal to attach along the bottom edges of all our softball and baseball fields to keep the balls from getting under the backstop fencing!" Bill Melvin
UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Flat Bar Stock.  BEFORE:  This is unused bar stock that was rejected by the U.S. Coast Guard for a big marine project inOregon because the color was wrong.   (Qty 35 - 4" x 12" x 18')  L: Denver  Click for Pricing>>

interestPARTY:  "We normally use this UHMW material on our indoor race track as a barrier. It is bolted to used NASCAR tires.  This UHMW material is expensive but superior to the other track barriers. I will give this to my partners." Ed Bradford  RE:  Ed, We like your "repurposing" of old NASCAR tires, too.)
Surplus...PVC Membrane.  This is PVC membrane.  It is UV protective coating.  Roll sizes are approximately 5' x 100' and 10' x 150'.  L: Chicago, Philadelphia  Click Here for Dimensions and Pricing>>

repurposedIDEA:  "Your PVC membrane would make great ditch liner material.  And, the roof membrane has UV protection to boot!" - Glen Rewerts in Colorado

Turf Pad Underlayment.  BEFORE:  These interlocking pieces of expanded polypropylene were used as turf underlayment on a football/soccer field.  The pieces are 1" x 48" x 48".  We have 60,000 Sq Ft of this underlayment.  L: Denver  Click for Pictures and Pricing>>  *A,C,E:  These pads are sturdy, water permeable, interlocking, etc.  

repurposedIDEA"These turf pads look like they could be the makings of a great floating island on waste water ponds to help clean up the water!" - Joe

How We Work.  "We were given your name through Mantec.  We have the following and wanted to know if this is something you'd have interest in.  If yes, what is the procedure?" - Joan  RE:  After sending us pictures and details, Joan accept our offer.  And, Mantec thanks for the referral!  

Kaeser CSV-150 Vacuum Pump.  This is a big, rotary screw vacuum pump.  L: Philadelphia  
Email for Details and Pricing>>

  Nordson Horizon 400 powder coating system  L: Atlanta  Email for Details on Powder Coating System>>

  Clean 20 Process Water Filter  L: Dallas 
 Email for details on the Clean20 Process Water Filter>>

   Hyster 225E forklift (22.5 ton)  L: Chicago  Email  for More Information>>
  industrial Wheel Washer  L: Denver  E