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Newsletter 12-04-18


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    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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    repurposedSPOTTING"We half bury old propane tanks with snow to build fun terrain features in our snowboard park.  The curved ends of the propane tanks are ideal because there are no sharp edges for the boarders to get hurt on." - Ron w/ Winter Park Resorts

    500 gallon Propane Tanks.  L: Denver 
     Click Here for pricing on Tanks>>

    BEFORE "We are going through the process of replacing our line conveyor belts on one of our pasteurizers here at the Anheuser-Busch brewery.  I have spoken with a few of the engineers and they have indicated for the most part it is fairly clean.  When they pull them out of the pasteurizer they will stack them.  They are connected by pins that can be taken out to adjust size." Nicholas 

    AFTER:  We sold several pieces to a guy who is "repurposing" the Conveyor Belt as flooring in the bottom of his goose blind so the water will all drain but he doesn't have to stand in the mud.  James, we appreciate your business.

    Q: Like Nicholas, do you have replacement parts and materials that could be a candidate for "repurposing"??  If "yes",
     Email Us Details>>

    Plastic Conveyor Belt.  Mftg: Intralox  Material: Polypropylene  Qty: ~15 tons  Size: ~ 15' x 2' sections  L: Denver  Click for Sizes and Prices>>

    BEFORE:  These are rubber playground tiles removed from playgrounds when a playground is remodeled or removed.

     "About a year ago, we bought a pallet of playground tiles from you, and we should have bought the rest.  We would like to buy more and have been watching your emails and website for them in Denver.  I see that you have some in Philadelphia only.  So, I thought I would ask if you think you will get any more of these in Denver?" Mary 

    Rubber Playground Tiles.  


    BEFORE: This is the EPDM roofing membrane that keeps the water out of warehouses across America on flat commercial roofs.  When they replace the roof, they don't re-use the membrane. 

    AFTER:  "Your pallets of odd-sized pieces of used rubber roofing membrane are great for tarping equipment.  This rubber is thicker material than any tarp you can ever buy, and they're heavy enough you don't even need to secure them.  And, it is cheap!" - Ray  

    Rubber Roofing Membrane. 
    Qty: 1,000 sq ft/pallet  

    repurposedCUSTOMER: A We sold a 10-pack of Steel Grating to an Indiana guy for use as catwalks in a theater.  Robert, we appreciate your business! 

    Metal Grating.  L: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas  More info Here for Grating>>
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    Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallas, Philadelphia