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Newsletter 10-09-18


    October 09, 2018     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
    In this Edition Philadelphia | Dallas | Atlanta | Chicago | Denver
    repurposedINBOX "I work for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry and am working on making better use of the wood from urban street trees being cut down. I am trying to establish a network linking suppliers (tree services removing trees) with processors (portable sawmill owners) and end consumers(woodworkers and others looking for a source of lumber.) It might be a product that repurposedMATERIALS would be interested in selling.  Interested?" - Ellen 

    "Live Edge" Wood SlabsThis is the 1st time we have ever offered Urban Lumber.  These are kiln dried ready for your cool project.  Species: Siberian Elm & Catalpa  Buy Online>>
    repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold 1,200' of guardrail this morning to a customer in Missouri.  He is building corrals with the old guardrail on this cattle ranch.  Justin, we appreciate your business!

    Metal Guardrail.  L: Dallas  More info Here for Guardrail>>

    repurposedSMARTS "Around here they use the huge underbelly locomotive fuel tanks as the flotation components of barges that they do construction and dredging work off of." Jason in Indiana
    equipmentPARTS.  Sometimes it's the parts and pieces of a specialized piece of equipment that is what can be "repurposed".  Here are a few examples.  Q: Can you think of parts of other types of equipment/machinery that can be "repurposed"?  Email Ideas>>

    BEFORE:  A major flooring manufacturer created a new product of resilient, PVC-free flooring targeted to the healthcare industry.  Once they got 50,000 sq ft of the flooring manufactured, they decided their product wouldn't be competitive in the marketplace.  So, they scrapped the whole product line.  They approached us, and they accepted our offer on all the rolls of flooring.  

    AFTER:  "I know this hospital flooring is good stuff.  At the cheap price you're offering, I want to buy 3 rolls to use as garage flooring to keep the ice, snow, and muck off the concrete." - John.  John, We appreciate your business!

    Q:  Like this flooring manufacturer, do you have obsolete or off-spec product you'd like out of your warehouse??  If yes, call Damon @ 303.321.1471 or 
    Email Damon>>

    Commercial Sheet Flooring.  4 colors to choose from.  L: Philadelphia  For Colors & Pricing>>
    Facebook Posting. "Christine/Glenda, Thank you!  I've already touted your company on my Facebook page." - Kris  RE: Kris, Thanks for your business, and we appreciate you posting us on Facebook!

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