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Newsletter 09-27-18


    September 27, 2018     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
    In this Edition… Philadelphia | Dallas | Atlanta | Chicago | Denver
    repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold nearly all of our 5th wheel carts yesterday to Camp North End in Charlotte, NCCamp North End is a property "once used to produce Model Ts and Army missiles, this 76-acre historic industrial site now serves as a hub for creativity and innovation in the heart of Charlotte’s North End Smart District."  They are going to make couches out of them like in the CAD drawing below.  We love our customers!  Alex, we appreciate your business!

    5th Wheel Steer Trailers.  Size: 36" x 72" carts.  L: Dallas 
    Press for pricing >>
    Semi Trailer Flooring-- Auction Ends Tonight --  This is unused, never installed mixed hardwood trailer flooring.  We have had buyers use it for architectural applications.  If you want a truly unique flooring, this is it!  The floor boards are 1 1/8" x 12".  NOTE: (Picture far right) We treated a section of the mixed hardwood planking with Eco Treatment  This produced a stunning silvery, weathered patina.  L: Philadelphia   Press to Bid>>   
    possibleAFTER"We might need to buy some UHMW for a 'repurpose' at Red Rocks concert venue in Denver.  We have a sled we use to hoist up all the sound equipment from the stage up the steep incline after the summer concert." Benny

    UHMW Polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Flat Bar Stock.  BEFORE: This is unused bar stock that was rejected by the U.S. Coast Guard for a big marine project in Oregon because the color was wrong.  (Qty 21 - 4" x 12" x 18') L: Denver
      UHMW Details and Pricing>>

    repurposedHISTORY: “Growing up, my family owned used clothing stores.  Thrift Store owners routinely painted their windows for the privacy of their customers who were embarrassed having to buy used.  The painted windows masked the identify of those shopping inside.  Oh, how times have changed.  We are now all in Vogue!” - Pat
    Landa Pressure Washer.  -- Auction Ends Tonight --  L: Philadelphia  Press to Bid>> 
    Giving Back"Dear Mr. Damon Carson, I am a sociology faculty member at a Community College. I will be teaching an environmental sociology class this Fall and think your work which bridges people and wasted material would prove to be such a great experience for students.  I would like to inquire about the possibility of you doing a mini demonstration and mini workshop for this class." - Dr. Kristina Kahl

    UPDATE:  Damon is speaking in Dr. Kahl's class this afternoon.  He loves teaching the next generation about "repurposing"!