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Newsletter 09-11-18


    Sept 12, 2018     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
    In this Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
    repurposedIDEA"We need used railroad rail for an amphitheater entry sign at a Waxahachie, TX project. Since the amphitheater is now known as the Railyard, and this area has a significant history related to the railroad, we incorporated train rail into our entry signage." David Buchanan, Landscape Architect

    NOTE: In the RFP, David's team even included repurposedMATERIALS as a vendor.  David, we appreciate you including us in the bid documents.

    Q: Do you have bid documents where you can specify the use of "repurposed" materials in upcoming projects rather than purchasing new materials?

    Railroad RailMultiple different lengths available. L: Dallas  Click Here for pricing>>

    productSUBSTITUTION: â€œI’m rebuilding a seawall at my place on the Indian River. I want to substitute your highway median cable for re-bar in my concrete b/c it is galvanized which should last a lot longer and because it is cheaper than regular re-bar.” - Dan in Florida

    : This might be a good "repurpose"/substitution to keep in mind as some seawalls will likely need to be rebuilt after Hurricane Florence.  

    "Substitutionary thinking" is key to being a good "repurposer".  What Attributes, Characteristics, Engineering (A.C.E) do I need for my project, and what lesser cost materials can I find that will do the same job?? That is the question our customer base is always asking themselves!

    Steel Cable...Galvanized.  This is 3/4" galvanized steel cable that came out of a highway median. Once they remove a section for road repair, the DOT mandates that new cable be re-installed. That means this old cable is in really good shape still.  Click Here for Steel Cable prices>>
    Real Estate.  One way entrepreneurs are "repurposing" old, abandoned salt mines by turning them into document storage facilities.

    *A.C.E. (Attributes, Characteristics, Engineering).  What is naturally present underground?  Stable temperature, stable humidity, security, etc.  These are the very same A.C.E. that developers spend $100's per SF to construct in new buildings above ground when, funny enough, they are already naturally present in abandoned underground mines.  

    Q #1: Have you seen/heard of other types of properties that have been "repurposed"?
     Submit Ideas>>

    Q #2: Do you know of a property for sale that could be "repurposed"??  If "yes", Email Property Details>>

    Felt PadsSizes: several available  L: Chicago  Felt Pad Sizes and Prices>>

    Q: How can these felt pads be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>
    Your Ideas: "Pond liners (such as those for koi and/or turtle ponds) need a layer of some sort between them and the ground, to prevent a stone or other sharp object from puncturing the liner due to the weight of the water.  Felt pads and carpet remnants are great for this purpose." - Katrina Smith

    "Donate them to Animal Shelters for animal beds." - Nan Bowman

    "Felt pads are used, and sometimes required, in boat bilges under the engine to prevent accumulation of oil in bilge water.  These might be used by harbormasters to absorb oil from some tenants boats." - John Donley

    "I've used these type pads for sound deadener in van/rv restoration projects. It works surprisingly well. It's very close to the material vehicle manufacturers have used under floor coverings." - Curt Lentz

    BEFORE"I have about 30 rolls of retired belting at our quarry in Georgia. That we have been collecting for a few years. You interested in them?" - Drew

    AFTER"I saw on your Atlanta conveyor Inventory ---- 320 ft 28.5ins/58 ins 3ply for us $1200 . I will buy this roll." Edmund Hew in Jamaica

    Conveyor Belting. L: All 5 Locations ORDER ONLINE>>