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Newsletter 08-27-18


    August 27, 2018     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>        
    In this Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
    repurposedSPOTTING"I saw this soap hockey video on Facebook and immediately thought your billboard vinyls would be perfect for the tarp material to pour the soap on. Billboard Vinyl + Soap = Soap Hockey fun." - Tanna  Watch Video>>

    Q: Like Tanna, have you seen a video or pictures online of an interesting "repurposing"? If "yes", Email Details>>

    Billboard VinylsMultiple Sizes. ORDER ONLINE>>

    repurposedINBOX: "Hello my name is David Mcgregor and I came across your website and was curious if you purchase materials? These came out of remodel. The product in question is a lot of 4"x8"x8" glass blocks made in Germany from late 1950’s to early 1960’s. These were installed in a building on the Univ of Wyomingcampus originally and removed during a remodel." David

    Q: Like David, do you have old materials coming off a remodel or construction project that could be "repurposed"? If "yes", 
    Email Us Details>>

    Glass Window BlockDims: 4" x 8" x 8". Qty: 1,800 blocks L: Denver  Click for Pricing>>

    BEFORE: "Please note that I have over 500 street light luminaires. These are new, still-in-the-box. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in making me an offer for. These were ordered for a big project that got cancelled." - Michael

    possible AFTER"They could work very well lighting up beachfront sand volleyball court at our home. Take care." - Ross

    Q: Like Michael, do you have product or inventory from a cancelled project that you'd like an offer on? If "yes", 
    Email Us Details>> 

    Streetlight Luminaires.  ORDER ONLINE>>

    repurposedINBOX"We're a big national distributor that gets stuck with inventory from time to time. Would you be interested in taking the Aluminum Foil Tape off my hands? They are in cases of 24 rolls per case
    MFG is 3M. Tape Number: 425 Aluminum Tape. Total rolls 345."
     - Andrew

    Aluminum Foil Tape.  ORDER ONLINE>
    crazySTUFF: "We throw in the landfill about 220,000 pounds of leather scraps every year.  A University of Wisconsin administrator found you online. We worked with them several years back to figure out how to 'repurpose' these leather scraps. All they could come up with was donate them to Goodwill.  It cost me about $6,000 every year to throw in the landfill." - Pat Miner

    Q: Like Pat, do you have scraps that might be a candidate for "repurposing"??  If "yes", Email Us Details>>
    BEFORE"The foam sheets were used to reduce the amount of earthquake loading on underground walls, I over ordered the material and the manufacture would not take it back." Jose in California

    : "Hi Damon, This foam rubber might work for gaskets. We install temporary patches on ships underwater to seal off intake/discharge openings on the bottom. This is so workers can repair valves and equipment inside the ship without taking the ship out of the water." - Bill  Bill, purchased all the pads.  We appreciate your business!

    Q: Like Jose, do you have product or materials that you've over ordered?  If "yes", Email Us Details>>