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Newsletter 08-21-18


    August 21, 2018     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

    re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
    In this Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
    repurposedPROJECT: Here is one artistic "repurpose" by San Francisco sculptor Colin Selig.  You can see more of his unique propane tank works of art at

    Propane Tanks.  500 gal & 1,000 gal  L: Chicago, Denver  Press for Sizes and Pricing>> 

    repurposedPROJECT"I am wondering if you have customers who like LVT flooring?  We have large amounts of aged inventory in our Reno, NV warehouse and are hoping your group may be able to 'repurpose' the good.  Most has been discontinued and the largest quantity of LVT is due to a change in vendor/factory source." - Annie Ingram

    : Like Annie, do you have "aged" inventory you'd like out of your warehouse??  If "yes", please
    Email Us Details>>

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Mftg Website>>  Styles: Several to choose from  Order Online>>
    repurposedPROJECT:  We have had two buyers in the last few weeks buy conveyor belt to make "water gaps" for their fence lines on their hunting ranches.

    Conveyor Belting.   L: Chicago, Atlanta, Philadephia, Denver, Dallas 
    Conveyor Belt Pricing>>
    Online Auction. -- Auction ENDS this Thurs, August 23rd -- L: Dallas  Sign in Here to Bid>>
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    repurposedPRODUCTS - see all PRODUCTS>>
    Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallas, Philadelphia
    repurposedINBOX: "We have excess bulk bags that we would like to move. They are large supersacks made by Bag Corp.  They have spout tops and bottoms. These bags were $24.95 new. The bags on the pallets are brand new, never used.   These became obsolete as the customer we were supplying closed their local production facility. As they moved out of their facility, they left the bags with us." - Sam Jackson

    unused Bulk Bags.  New and Used Bags available.