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Newsletter 01-24-19


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    repurposedENGINEERING:  We love our customers and their resourceful smarts.  Jay, a composer in Spokane, WA, purchased a bunch of our narrow conveyor belting.  He is building a recording studio.  His contractor told him to use conveyor belting on the ends of the studs when framing to make it free floating framing. This he said will cut down on the rumble from the music vibration in the walls. Great Idea!!!  

    Narrow Conveyor Belting.  ORDER ONLINE>>

    BEFORE:  "I love the newsletters and I’ve shared it with our Zero Waste crowd in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area.  I work for a textile recycling company and get inquiries all the time about Kevlar sleeves used at a glass manufacturing company." - Liz  

    AFTER: "I just wanted to follow-up with you and let you know they were able to donate the Kevlar sleeves to a bird of prey wildlife sanctuary." - Liz

    repurposedSUGGESTION:  "You may already know this, but FYI, 1.5" mesh makes excellent pea, and bean trellis.  We used it with good success when we grew lots of pole beans." - Jerry G in Washington  

    Fish Netting.  Multiple sizes available.
      ORDER ONLINE>>  

    BEFORE: Got in a bunch of unused, surplus Naugahyde fabric from a large seating manufacturer. 

    Naughahyde Fabric. Order Online>>
    PROBLEM"In March, I’m going to have some wall work done on the back of my personal home. The only access is between me and my neighbor. They will need to run back and forth with a tractor and/or backhoe. Do you have something to lay over the top of the grass to reduce the total destruction of the grass/soil?" - James Hankins in Texas

    SOLUTION"James, We sell a lot conveyor belting for this exact “repurpose” to protect grass and landscaping during construction." Ethan

    Used Conveyor Belting.