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Newsletter 01-17-19


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    repurposedCUSTOMER: "I thought I would share the pictures of the barn doors we made with the semi planking we purchased from you. We got two different looks, this one with the distress of forklifts driving over the wood the other is the underside showing the strapping and road grime. I have got to admit we are very proud of these doors!" Harry

    Reclaimed Semi Trailer Flooring Beautifully distressed by hours and hours of forklift tires and dragging pallets across Oak trailer flooring in12" wide planks. L: Dallas Click Here for Pricing>>

    repurposedSPOTTING"I saw these cute little concrete barriers around a propane station. I thought of your little zipper barriers. Maybe you should reach out to propane companies!" - Allison Winters in Kentucky

    Q: Like Allison, can you send pictures or videos of your favorite "repurposes"? If "yes", 
    Email Details>>

    Mini Highway Barriers. Dims: 32" x 24" x 37" L: Dallas Click for details

    repurposedINBOX: "We are an Access and Rescue Training company.  We're looking at utilizing anything we can 'repurpose' to utilize as a training simulator.  My job is to design the simulators and we build them for our own training locations and also for other clients.  We even do confined space simulating. 'Repurposing' materials is one of my primary focuses." - Darrell

    REDarrell, We have all kinds of used/surplus materials that could probably work for you with a little creativity!

    Pallet Racking.  Qty: 15 truckloads  L: Chicago 
     Click Here for Pricing>>

    Structural Steel.  Click Here for Pricing>>

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