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Newsletter 01-10-19


    Jan 10, 2019     Please FORWARD to a colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

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    In this Edition Philadelphia | Dallas | Atlanta | Chicago | Denver
    BEFORE: "We have used wire rope that has been used on ship to shore cranes. If you are interested in used wire rope on wooden spools, please offer a price per pound." - Sean

    SUGGESTION"The fires in southern California resulted in barren land which was prone to mudslides during subsequent rain events.  I saw netting made from large diameter cable being draped across ravines to intercept debris and boulders.  This could also be a use for such cable." - Kelly Duke

    Crane Cable.  Diameters: 7/8", 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" L: Philadelphia  Click Here for Pricing>>
    repurposedARCHIVES: We often get asked..."Who Are Your Customers?" The last time we had plastic food conveyor belt like this, Paramount Pictures purchased it all for use in the filming of one of the Transformers movies. 

    Plastic Conveyor Belting:  Mftg: Intralox  Material: Polypropylene  Qty: ~15 tons  Size: ~ 15' x 2' sections  L: Denver  Press for Sizes and Prices>>

    repurposedINBOX"We have about 200 float coats. The jackets cost approx. $200 new. They are made by Body Glove. We have saturated our market. We are hoping you have a larger reach. We certainly don't want to send them to a landfill either." - Lynne

    NOTE: We've never done a sealed bid scenario to sell a whole inventory to one buyer.  This is a first!

    Invitation to Bid.  MftgBody Glove  Qty: 200  MSRP: $200/jacket  Bids Due: Jan 18, 2018
      Email for Bid Packet & Details>>

    repurposedCARTOON:  "I saw this Close to Home cartoon with the tire floor and thought of you guys.  Keep up the good work finding 2nd homes for all our waste!" - Tracey in Minnesota  Press for Larger Version>>
    BEFORE: "Searching the web I came across your site as I was looking for a recycle option for our plastic sorters.  If your group wants them I can schedule a day an time to meet the onsite to remove the units, we are not looking to incur any cost." - Carlton

    Q: Like Carlton, do you have stuff you'd like to find environmentally friendly option to dispose of?  If "yes", Email Us Details>>

    AFTER: "We sold those plastic racks to a guy that exported all 30 to Cameroon, West Africa.  They will be used in a medical pharmacy to service an area previously without this type of service. Cameroon is a very poor country and bringing the pharmacy to the area will be a huge deal.  Goes to show you once again the far reaching 'repurposing' ideas and stories that come from products sold in all of our locations.  We just never know….where and how these items will be 'repurposed'.  Pretty cool ………" - Jeff