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jet hose examples
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This lightweight, high-pressure jet hose was previously used to shoot water at high speeds. It was once designed to handle 2,500 PSI of pressure. It is bendable but not too flexible because of the three different layers; the inside polyolefin tube, the tensile braid for reinforcement and the exterior polyerethane cover. Because it previously shot water, it can still be used for any type of liquid or air conveyance.

We are Currently Out Of Stock on our Jet Hose.

Possible “Repurposes”:

Irrigation – High-Pressure Air Lines – High-Pressure Fluid Lines - Similar to Hydraulic Hose

NOTE: While we call this repurposed jet hose, others may call it reclaimed jet hose.  Funny, we've also heard it being called recycled jet hose.  Then there are those who refer to it as scrap jet hose, seconded jet hose, junk jet hose...or maybe even salvaged jet hose!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding jet hose, we've got it.