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Granite Surface Plates

:  "I have some granite slabs from old measuring equipment and gauge work. Can you help me find them a home?" 
Cynette w/ General Motors Corp STATUSCynette
 accepted our offer, and we now have the granite slabs for sale.

Location: Philadelphia 

Price: $25/cubic foot or best offer

Please Call 303-321-1471 to ORDER or for Shipping Quotes 

Current Inventory-

Granite Slab | 87.5"x44"x12" | 4525lbs | $1,329.17 | Qty- 3

A Granite Surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection, marking out (layout), and tooling setup. Surface plates are often used as the baseline for all measurements to a workpiece, therefore one primary surface is finished extremely flat with accuracy up to 0.00001 in or 250 nm for a grade AA or AAA plate. Surface plates are a very common tool in the manufacturing industry and are often permanently attached to robotic-type inspection devices such as a coordinate-measuring machine. These Granite surface plates are also used in Metrology.