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Football Style Turf

backSTORY: These fields have the traditional long shag artificial grass that makes them fantastic for football and soccer! Wear and tear varies between fields, but the long plastic grass is lush and pretty! We even have football field turf from the prestigious West Point Military Academy! 

These rolls of synthetic turf were typically used less than 10 seasons for various sports and have a lot of life left in them. They are durable and able to wick moisture, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as a dog run or a replacement for live grass. The rolls of turf still have the original paint markings according to their sport. Our current inventory has the grass woven in the backing. 

There are two types of this turf. One type (With Infill) comes with infill which is the rubber and/or sand used to hold down the turf and provide some cushion. Rolls with infill are very heavy. The other type (No Infill) has had the infill removed. These rolls might still have some residual infill but they are much lighter than rolls with infill. 

Product Name
Football | 15ft x 80ft | No Infill | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
Football | 7.5 ft x 80 ft | With NO Infill | 850 lbs
Football | 7.5 ft x 80 ft | With NO Infill | 850 lbs
Football | 15 ft x 80 ft | With NO Infill | 1700 lbs
Football | 4ft x 50ft | With Infill | FLAT RATE SHIPPING
repurposed IDEAS
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Will the used synthetic turf have lines on it?
*Yes, the artificial turf was originally used as soccer and football fields, etc. Consequently, the turf rolls will have lines sewn throughout. We do not separate rolls. We sell the synthetic turf “as is”…lines and all.

What is synthetic turf “infill”?
*This new generation artificial turf is like a shag carpet with blades of about 1 ½” – 2” long. (This is NOT like the old outdoor carpet or Astroturf as some called it.) Between the blades a sand / rubber mix is worked in. This infill helps give the turf field playability and durability.

Does the turf you sell come with infill?
*We sell used artificial turf both with infill and with the infill removed or extracted. The availability of infill is dependent on our current inventory.

How much does used artificial turf weigh?
*Artificial turf weighs about ½ pound per square foot without fill. Turf with fill can weigh anywhere from 4-8 pounds per square foot depending on the sand / rubber mix used in it’s original installation.

Is the used turf material porous?
*These new generation synthetic turf fields are designed to wick moisture through the blades and turf backing
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