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Flexible Roller Skate Conveyor

FLEXIBLE ROLLER SKATE CONVEYORS are made of small skate wheels that are mounted on a series of axles attached to rigid or flexible frames.  These wheels allow flat bottom loads (like boxes or totes) move by gravity flow from one place to another down the line.  They have curving flexibility to move materials around obstacles - and expanding and compressing to get your loads down the line.  Compared to roller conveyors, skate wheel conveyors need less force or slope to move loads and are better at maintaining the orientation of loads as they move around curves. Skate wheel conveyors are often used in warehousing, manufacturing, package handing, and distribution tasks.

Product Name
Flexible Sections | 500 lbs | Located in DALLAS
Control Rollers followed by Flexible Sections | 500 lbs | Located in DALLAS