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February 1 2017

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>   
In this Edition Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Foam Sheets.  We just got in 19,000 sheets of these foam sheets.  They are 7/16" x 15 1/2" x 42 1/2"  L: Denver  Email for Pricing>>

Higher/Better Use: These foam sheets came to us from a recycling company.  They thought there was a higher and better use for these sheets than simply grinding them up.  Absolutely!!  Recycling should be an option of last resort.  

Q #1: Do you have materials that have a higher and better use than just recycling them?  
Send Details>>

Q #2: Any "repurpose" ideas for this particular size/type of foam sheet?  Submit Ideas>>
Aluminum Shipping Container.  We just got in an aluminum air shipping container.  (*A,C,E - These are really lightweight since they were designed to go on an airplane in their first life.)  108"W X 88"L X 91"H"  L: Atlanta  CLICK to Purchase>>
Parking Lot Fabric. This is a very tough geotextile material used originally as a temporary parking lot surface.  (The thick plastic middle layer is pictured below) L: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver  Click Here for Pricing>>

February Special:  All Parking Lot Fabric is 1/2 Price this month!
Mineral Oil.  L: Denver  Click Here for Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  "
We use a type of white oil in our manufacturing process.  I try and use a very clean type of oil to mist on our saw blades to keep the heat down and to prevent pitch from accumulating on the blades.  This type of oil I think would work well in this application.  Also this oil residue would end up in the sawdust that I do sell for horse bedding on occasion------nontoxic oil is perfect." Gary  Gary, we appreciate your business!
repurposedPROPERTY.  We have 60,000 Sq Ft former correctional facility for sale.  (*A,C,E - 8" precast concrete construction designed to withstand an F5 tornado, 4" water tap, 80 interstate miles from an int'l airport, backup generator, etc.)  L: Brush, CO  Email for More Details>> 

repurposingSUGGESTION:  "Your very secure facility could be 'repurposed' as an art storage facility.  The Colorado location would be kind of central to the big art markets of Los AngelesNew York, etc., and the price per square foot would be hugely less than warehouse space on the coasts!  Of course, any other value inventories could be stored there as well!" - Phyllis

Q: Do you have a property that would be a good candidate for sale that could be "repurposed"?  We're buying.  Email Details>>
repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
Highway Sign Box Truss.  We just got in this galvanized box truss used for overhead highway signs.  There are 3 bolt together sections x 5 1/2' x 6 1/2' x 22' = 66' long.  L: Chicago:  Email for details

Q #1:  Do you have obsolete metal / steel materials that could be "repurposed" rather than recycled?  EMail Details>>  In the case of this big box truss, theMissouri DOT thought there was a higher and better use for this box truss that simply melting it down at a scrap recycler.  We absolutely agree!  Thx MoDOT for your proactive thinking!!!  

Your Ideas:  "It seems like your 66' long truss would work well for being the structure to carry utilities like a water pipe over a river. - William Anderson
Stainless Steel Grates We just took in 750 of these grates  They are 13 1/2" x 25 1/2".  They come 25 grates per box.  L: Atlanta, Denver  Click Here for Pricing>> 

repurposedIDEA:  "Damon, use your stainless grates to make a redneck BBQ out of a toilet complete with an!" - Bruce

5/16" & 1/2" Galvanized Steel Cable.  We have brand new, unused galvanized steel cable in 5/16" and 1/2" lengths.  L: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Chicago  Click Here for Steel Cable Sizes and Prices>>

backSTORY:  This steel cable comes from the manufacturing of a new product.  When a spool reaches less than 500', it becomes a "drop".  So, this "drop" is brand new, unused cable.

"Our deck turned out fantastic with the 5/16" cable we bought from you.  And, we saved huge!" Sandra Bailey in Indiana

"That new, galvanized cable we got from you will last for years in our corrals.  New cable at a fraction of new price...wonderful!" Jack Abrams in Alabama

275 gal Totes.  L: Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta  Click Here for Prices for Totes>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "Thought you might be interested in a 'repurposing' idea for food grade totes." - Jo Anne Dolan  Very interesting video on how a group from the Port of Vancouver "repurposed" a 275 gal tote to treat zinc runoff from their warehouse roofs.   Watch Video>>
BEFORE:  "Damon, I've got 2 tanks that are like new, wanted to see if you are interested in them." - Wilson STATUS:  Wilson accepted our offer on the tanks, and we now have them for sale!

Pressure Vessels.  The two tanks are 60” dia x 190” long w/ a 2,200 gallon capacity.  They are designed for 137 psi. L: Atlanta 
 Email for Pricing>> 

Q:  Like WilsonDo you have obsolete/surplus/idle materials, inventory, or equipment that you'd like out of your warehouse?  If yes, 
Email Us Details>>
Particle Board.  We just did a deal for 1,700 sheets (3 truckloads) of 3/4" x 42" x 96" particle board.  This was used as shelving in a big palleting rack setup in a warehouse.  L: Philadelphia  Click for Pricing>>
Polyester Rolls.  L: Denver  Email for Details & Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold some of the 100% polyester fabric to a designer for a light installation she is doing at the upcoming Nuit Blache (White Night) Festival in Toronto.  "Here’s the fabric in action . . . " Mary Ellen

Canadian Appreciation.  We love our Canadian customers!  



Bowling Alley Lanes.  Distinctive, bowling alley lanes for all kinds of cool "repurposes".  Click Here for Bowling Lane Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold some bowling alley wood to a customer in Quebec, Canada.  Creig, we appreciate your business!



Military Cargo Parachutes.  35' and 100' diameters available.   Click Here for Parachute Prices and Sizes>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold a 100' parachute to a customer in British Columbia, Canada.  Don, we appreciate your business!



Concrete Railroad Ties.  "Here are those pictures of the concrete railroad ties that we used as parking barriers. (I emailed you earlier and told you I would send you some)." - Joe Kemp in Southey, SK
Learn More...about repurposedMATERIALS.  Watch 2 Minute Introduction Video>>  
* A.C.E.  This acronym stands for AttributesCharacteristicsEngineering.  We use this acronym to tell you a little about a used material and what qualities it has in hopes that someone can find a "repurpose" for it.  Asked another way...what did the material do in it's 1st life that might help identify a very different, 2nd life for it?