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Cushioned Waffled Semi-Transparent Tiles

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These cushioned tiles are compressible or “squish-able” and are able to absorb moderate impact. The tiles have a waffled or egg carton-like build and the ability to shed some water. They are two inches thick and are made up of a transparent pliable plastic. These surplus “cushioning” tiles are limited quantity! They are meant for ground cushioning. Never used. Make sure to pick these up before they are gone!
waffled cushioned transparent tiles

Dimensions:  19" x 19" x 2"

Price:  $10/tile (156 total) SOLD AS SINGLE LOT SOLD

Weight:  2 lbs each

Shipping:  Please call us for a quote.

Location:  Denver site

waffled cushion transparent tiles

Possible "repurposing" Ideas: Playground substrate -- Karate Practice Buffer -- "stunt" flooring -- and more.
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NOTE:   While we call these repurposed waffled cushion tiles, others may call them reclaimed waffle cushion tiles.  Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled waffled cushion tiles.  Then there are those who refer to them as scrap waffled cushion tiles, seconded waffled cushion tiles, junk waffled cushion tiles …or maybe even salvaged waffled cushion tiles!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding waffled cushion tiles, we’ve got it.