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Cargo Quilts

Used Cargo Quilt Examples

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These cargo quilts were previously used in the beverage industry to keep all our tasty drinks cold. The repurposes have ranged from calving pen insulation to plush tent flooring for camping.  These are great for concrete insulation blankets, a room barrier, or even to insulate the walls of basements. The outer covering is a waterproof vinyl and the interior fabric is perfect for insulation.

NOTE: While we call this repurposed cargo quilts, others may call it reclaimed cargo quilts.  Funny, we've also heard it being called recycled cargo quilts.  Then there are those who refer to it as used cargo quilts, seconded cargo quilts, junk cargo quilts...or maybe even salvaged cargo quilts!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding cargo quilts, we've got it.