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Calsuds CD-6

Calsuds® CD-6 | Manufactored by Pilot Chemical Company 

Modified Coconut Diethanolamide

100% active and high alkalinity performance concentrate with excellent emulsifying, viscosity building, and foam stabilizing properties. Ideal for high viscosity and economical formulations. Calsuds® CD-6 is a coconut oil alkanolamide combined with sulfonate in a 100% concentrate exhibiting both anionic and nonionic characteristics. It is a clear, homogeneous, viscous liquid which acts as a foamer, foam builder, wetting agent, viscosity modifier and emulsifier. Calsuds® CD-6 holds its viscosity on dilution with water. Calsuds® CD-6 is perfect for application in liquid detergents, wool wash compounds, hand cleaners, and janitorial cleaners.


backSTORY: This was purchased by an outdoor product manufacturer for use in a scentless detergent for hunters. 

Location: Our Dallas / Fort Worth Warehouse 

Quantity: 7 - 55 Gallon Drums 

Shipping: Call for Quote - 303-321-1471 

Price: $450 per Drum