Sustainable Materials Management

Historically much of the nation’s environmental calls to action have revolved around the recycling and reuse of materials.

These practices have proven to be economically advantageous and environmentally necessary, but what about the byproducts that can be repurposed and get confused for waste? These useful and durable materials get thrown into landfills every day when they should be given a second life. Recycling and reusing are imperative to sustainability, yet make up only a fraction of resource conservation techniques.

We are living in a society where sustainability and creativity are becoming synonymous with one another, and that is where we step in.

repurposedMATERIALS is the only company in America whose entire product line consists of items that have value “as is”. Repurposing is creative reuse that diverts materials from landfills to give them a second life in a new industry.

We’ve come a long way since recycling was introduced for curb side pick up, and repurposing is going to take the sustainable materials management to a whole new level. Repurposing is the the cutting edge forefront our modern day culture needs to ensure environmental protection for future generations.