Repurposed Materials Company Finds Solutions

AUTHOR: Sailee Nalawade

Repurposed Materials is a Denver-based company owned by Damon Carson. Repurposed Materials company is dedicated to finding materials that can no longer be used in their original industry and making them available for consumers to resourcefully re-use in a different application. By doing this it not only adds life to the materials by keeping them out of the waste stream, but it also provides customers with sustainable products that do the job at a fraction of the cost.

Damon Carson is giving new life to a wide variety of industrial by-products. Like old vinyl billboards that are resold as drop cloths for painting or as heavy-duty waterproof tarp. Used wine barrels are resold as planters or side table. Strips of rubber from old conveyor belts are resold as truck bed lining or flooring for a warehouse. Old street sweeper brushes are resold as back scratchers for livestock.

Carson sells used street sweeper brushes to farmers, for example, for about $100 whereas a new livestock brush could cost as much as $1,500. And the companies that give their old equipment to Repurposed Materials saves money on landfill fees. It is estimated that the company has kept 100 tons of potential waste out of landfills so far. And in its first year, Repurposed Materials has generated around $150,000 in revenue.