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Do you have insurance salvage items that you’re looking to get rid of? At repurposedMATERIALS, we are insurance salvage buyers and may be interested in purchasing your items. Contact us today, and let’s work out a deal.

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When it comes to commercial goods, accidents happen all the time. Semi-trailers get in wrecks.  Trains derail, causing damage to goods in transit. A warehouse where inventory is stored may experience water damage or a fire. Fortunately, insurance covers these items when an incident leaves them in less-than-perfect condition.

But just because an insurance adjuster has decided to replace them, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re useless and have to head for a landfill. The question then becomes: How much of these items can be salvaged and resold? That’s where we come in. As insurance salvage buyers, we can take unwanted items off your hands quickly and efficiently, while offering you some cash for items that may have otherwise gone to the landfill.

Why repurposedMATERIALS?

Our professional insurance salvage buyers are interested in cargo salvage, tractor trailer salvage and other commercial salvage items and materials. Although their value may have been diminished by the incident that forced them into salvage, we can help you part with them and get some value for them while you’re at it. We then present these items to new potential buyers in secondary industries.

What Do We Buy?

We are mostly interested in obtaining items in larger quantities. For example, we’d rather buy a truckload than a single pallet. However, smaller quantities will also be considered if the items in question are in higher demand.

We specialize in commercial and industrial materials only. Household and residential items are of no interest to us. We’re looking for items that have value “as is.” We aren’t recyclers. So, if the items you’re looking to sell can’t be reused or repurposed, they probably aren’t a good fit for us.

We Make it Easy for You

To find out if we might be interested in buying your insurance salvage items, contact us and provide some background on your items. A member of our buying team will get in touch quickly to determine if your items have repurposing value. If so, we’ll do our best to work out a fair deal. Thanks for visiting.