Frequently Asked Questions – Snow Fence

The majority of reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking salvaged from old barns, factories, textile mills, and warehouses, but a significant portion originates from the iconic roadside snow fences of the American West. This reclaimed wood exhibits a distinctive, weathered patina, with some boards displaying “tan lines” from exposure to varying levels of sunlight as they crisscrossed the structure. We subject all wood reclaimed from the snow fences to pressure treatment. Each salvaged piece features a few bolt holes, evidencing its past role in the snow fence structure and contributing to its character and history.


Can I purchase this reclaimed wood by the piece?

No. We sell this salvaged snow fence lumber by the bunk. There are 49 weathered boards in each bunk.

Is this salvaged wood smooth?

No. This re-claimed lumber is rough sawn.

What kind of pressure treatment did this reclaimed lumber receive?

Our different sources used different pressure treating methods depending on the year and the project.

Possible “Repurposes”: 

LEED Projects – Reclaimed Flooring – Barn Wood Siding – Recycled Corral Fencing Wood – Reclaimed Trail Decking Lumber – Salvaged Bridge Decking Wood – Architectural Salvage Wood