Frequently Asked Questions – Climbing Rope

Keep used climbing rope out of landfills by “repurposing” it as tie-downs! These dynamic and static used climbing ropes were previously used in rock climbing gyms. The dynamic ropes are engineered to stretch slightly under weighted conditions, where static ropes are just the opposite and are made to resist stretching. The strong synthetic material is just over a half inch in diameter and even though it is no longer up to specifications in the rock climbing industry, it still has a lot of life left in it for general purpose rope applications. We often get large sections of nylon rope, as well, so please ask about our other inventory when inquiring.


Can these used ropes be used for climbing?

NO! Under no condition are these ropes to be used for climbing again. Even though they were once up to specification in the climbing industry, these are no longer able to hold the amount of weight that they once were fitted to. We advise to never use these ropes to hold any kind of extreme load, as we cannot guarantee any kind of weight capacity.

Possible “Repurposes”:

Tie Downs – Lead Rope – Tree Limb Take Downs – Boat Dock Anchor – Dog Toys