9 Reasons to Reuse or Repurpose Plastic Rather Than Recycling

Our society’s overreliance on plastic for several decades has led to a growing environmental problem. The amount of plastic in our oceans and landfills is reaching critical levels. Traces of plastic and plastic byproducts can be found in our water supply and in even in the air we breathe. By reusing and repurposing existing plastic items, we can reduce the amount of new plastic produced and help inspire a shift toward more sustainable practices in packaging and containers. Here are eight great reasons to reuse or repurpose plastic instead of recycling.

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Repurposing is Less Expensive than Recycling

Although many people view recycling as a sustainable act, it does require a lot of energy. Grinding plastic up into smaller pieces, then melting it down and reconstituting it into whatever it’s going to be next, requires a significant amount of energy. Finding new uses for plastic items just as they are takes no energy at all, making it much less expensive.

You Can Make Money

Do you have plastic items you no longer need—like plastic pipe, sheeting, etc.? Don’t throw these away or recycle them. Instead, consider selling them for reuse. While you may no longer have a need for your plastic materials, others may be able to use them for their own purposes.

Sellers can make money off of their plastic. repurposedMATERIALS, for example, buys plastic materials and other items for repurposing. We can even pay you as much or more as a recycler would, because we’re not spending energy to grind it up. In this way, you can make some extra money for yourself while helping to create a more sustainable world.

Zero Pollution

The energy usage mentioned in the previous point also has a certain amount of pollution associated with it. Generating the electricity required to heat and remelt the plastic creates emissions, whereas reusing it creates no pollution whatsoever.

Recycling Perpetuates Society’s Disposable Mentality

While recycling is certainly better than putting plastic into landfills, the fact that our society is still producing large quantities of plastic for single use applications shows we still have a long way to go to correct the ecological disaster we’ve created. Overcoming the disposable mentality that’s so pervasive in our culture will require a global mindset shift. By encouraging repurposing, we can begin to awaken people to the idea that putting our planet and our own health before convenience is the only sustainable way forward.

It’s More Conscientious

Reusing or repurposing plastic is simply a more responsible decision than disposing or recycling. When we make an effort to repurpose plastic, we tend to pay more attention to the amount of waste we’re generating. We’re more likely to make responsible, eco-conscious choices and reduce the amount of plastic we’re consuming overall.

Plastic Can’t Be Endlessly Recycled

Plastic cannot be melted down an infinite number of times. It’s been estimated that most types of plastic can only be recycled about two to three times before its composition begins to degrade.

Some “Recycling” Doesn’t End Up Being Recycled

It’s worth noting that even when you put something in a recycling collection container, you can’t always guarantee where it ends up. Perhaps your neighborhood curb collection recycling provider can be trusted, but what about the recycling bins at offices, restaurants and other places?

Can you really be certain that these containers aren’t ending up in the trash due to improper procedure or even laziness? The fact is, an alarming amount of America’s plastic waste ends up in landfills, or worse yet, burned in incinerators where byproduct toxic compounds are released into the air. When you repurpose plastic, however, you know exactly where it goes because you get to determine what its next life will be.

Repurposing Sets a Positive Example for Kids

When you think about it, many of our waste behaviors are learned from our parents. We throw things away because it’s what we learned growing up. We recycle plastics after one use because it’s the way we’ve always done it. Kids tend to take their cue from their parents. When you repurpose plastic, you set a more positive and sustainable example for the next generation.

Repurposing is Enjoyable

Once you get started with repurposing, you begin to see how fun and rewarding it can be. You can use plastic in various DIY and craft projects. You can use containers to organize garages and laundry rooms. You can even create stunning art projects with it. The possibilities are truly endless. And you’ll have the added enjoyment of knowing you’re doing some good for the planet, too!

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