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13x Molecular Sieve

This is Hengye 13x Molecular Sieve.  This sieve material was originally purchased for a new product line.  The product run ended up being cancelled.  So, this sieve material become obsolete to the manufacturer.

Quantity: 40 Gaylords - 1,176 lbs Each

Bead Size:  .8-1.6 mm

Date of Manufacture:  October 2015

Location:  our Atlanta Warehouse 303-321-1471

Price:  $0.50/lb 


13X Molecular Sieve: 
Has a pore size of roughly 10A. This is considerably larger than any of the A type openings. This desiccant is used primarily for refinements of liquid and gases because it offers synchronized absorption for bi-molecule and tri-molecule. It can co-adsorb CO2 and H2O, H2O and H2S. 13X Mole sieve also has applications as a desiccant for medical and compressor uses and as a c catalyze carrier.  

It has become one of the most reliable desiccants for a variety of applications including:

Air refining by removing carbon dioxide and water.
Oxygen PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process.
Removal of grease and solvents.
Removal of mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide from natural gas using patented Zeochem technology.
Removal of mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquid.