Used Fire Hose


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These are decommissioned, used fire hoses.  For one reason or another they have been retired from the fire department fleet.

The very tough, abrasion resistant jackets of a used fire hose have all kinds of re-uses and “repurposes”.



Q: Do the used fire hoses come with adapters or couplings?

A: Sometimes they do, yes.  We re-sell them as we get them in.


Possible “Repurposes”:

Boat Dock Fenders / Bumpers – Fence Railing – Electrical Cable Sleeve Protector – Construction Wash Down Hose – Industrial Clean Up – Farm Irrigation – Dairy Clean-Up Hose – Rub Rails -Water Hose for Dust Control -  Water Pump Discharge Hose – Sling / Chain Protector – Wear Pads – Protective Sheaves



NOTE: While we call this repurposed fire hose, others may call it reclaimed used fire hose.  Funny, we’ve also heard it being called recycled used fire hose.  Then there are those who refer to it as scrap used fire hose, seconded used fire hose, junk used fire hose…or maybe even salvaged used fire hose!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding used fire hose, we’ve got it.

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