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This is a Used 500 KVA 3 Phase Transformer. 

Location: Chicago 

Shipping: Call for Quote 303-321-1471

Price: $4,000


Cooper Three Phase Pad Mounted 500KVA Transformer

Product Scope:

1. Takes Mineral Oil or Envirotemp FR3 Fluid as the fluid type
2. Primary Voltage – 2,400-46,000V
3. Secondary Voltage- 208Y/120V to 14,400V
Specialty Design:
1. Inverter/Rectifier Bridge
2. K-Factor (up to K-19)
3. Vacuum Fault interrupter (VFI)
4. Factory Mutual approved
5. Solar/Wind Design
6. Differential Protection
7. Seismic Applications
8. Hardened Data Center

Product Attributes
1. Increased Overload Capacity: Utilities are now able to operate beyond full rated load to at least
112% based on the period of peak demand-without reducing insulation life. 

2. Increased Reliability: moisture and thermal stress are the enemy of the transformer reliability
and life. Longer life contributes to system reliability performance. The capacity to load
continuously at a higher temperature and varying loads with causing damage to the transformer
contributes to better overall system reliability.

3. The transformer has a typical Bill of Material (BOM) with less-flammable fluid, taps, on-off
switch and fuses.

4. Smaller, Lighter Transformer: When compared to traditional transformer operation at the same
KVA rating, the Cooper will typically be smaller and lighter. These units will use less material and
fewer gallons of dielectric fluid resulting in a better value, as well as lowering related costs of
handling and operating the larger transformers.