Inventory: Flight Cases

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These extremely durable flight cases were originally made to store and protect valuable items during turbulent transport.  The hard-sided travel cases were made to be lockable, water-resistant and dent-proof for maximum protection of even the most of fragile items. Our stock of flight cases consists of only the injection molded plastic cases. Below are some of the sizes we have in stock:


28”x 24”x 26” – $50

33”x 27”x 19”  - $50

33”x 25”x 23” – $50




Possible “repurposes”:

job box

tool box

tack box

suit case

guitar case

electronics case

bow and arrow case

gun case

rifle case

shotgun case







Wardrobe Cases

Workboxes Tech Cases

Ratchet Racks

Music Cases

Monitor Case

Large Projector

Kiosk Cases

trade show cases

Band and Orchestra

DJ & Recording


Racks – Portable

Racks – Stationary

Laptop and Projector



Drum Set Cases

Clearance Cases

Aluminum Cases

ATA Cases

Camera Cases

Carrying Cases

Consumer Electronics Cases

Custom Cases


Laptop Cases

Law Enforcement

Makeup Cases

Military Cases

Plasma, LCD Screen Cases

Presentation Cases

Pro AV Equipment Cases

Rackmount Cases

Shipping Cases

Soft Bags & Cases

Sporting Cases

Tool Cases

Trade Show Cases

Watertight Cases

Aluminum Military Grade Cases

Custom Military Cases

Military Standard Cases

Military Standard Tool Cases

Single Lid Military Cases

Bomb Dog Training Case

Pistol Cases

Rifle Cases

Aluminum Laptop Cases

Hard Laptop Cases

Laptop Carrying Cases

Mobile Makeup Cases

Professional Makeup Cases

Anti-Static Cases

Laptop Carrying Cases

Mobile Electronics Cases

Plasma, LCD Screen Cases

Pro Audio Cases

Rackmount Cases

Road Cases


NOTE: While we call these repurposed flight cases, others may call them reclaimed flight cases.  Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled flight cases.  Then there are those who refer to them as scrap flight cases, seconded flight cases, junk flight cases…or maybe even salvaged flight cases!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding flight cases, we’ve got it.


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