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Damon Carson, owner & founder of repurposedMATERIALS, has keynoted conventions across the U.S. including New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas. He has presented at a host of other conferences, webinars, and meetings around the country. With repurposedMATERIALS, Damon has inspired and helped numerous companies big and small through "repurposing".

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TOPICS: Sustainability & Creativity
These are perennially hot topics in almost every industry. The “repurposing” concept will stimulate both the creative juices and the sustainable thinking amongst attendees. And, with a “repurposing” presentation, you would be offering your audience something light, but still educational, to offset all the technical sessions…ie: the debits/credits lectures, the parts per million discussions, etc…

US Army
Denver Broncos
City of Chicago
Union Pacific Railroad
Oklahoma State University
US National Forest Service
Campbells Soup
State of Wyoming
Paramount Pictures
-INTERACTIVE GAME SHOW with three contestants -How we can learn from Pre-schoolers, Quaker Oats boxes, & toilet paper rolls -A MAGIC SHOW with industrial waste streams
"Bringing Damon to our event was a great investment of our educational budget. Attendees loved his presentation. His fun, repurposing “game show” in his presentation was a big hit! Repurposing really is a new frontier in the push towards Zero Waste!"

>>Lisa McDaniel
-Mid-America Regional Council
“Damon Carson's vision that he presented at our state recycle conference in Ohio to support sustainable materials management is very forward-looking. I believe that creative reuse will become an increasingly important pathway to a sustainable economy, and I applaud Damon and his team at repurposedMATERIALS for their leadership in demonstrating the possibilities in this regard.”

>>Neil Drobny
-Executive Director|Association of Ohio Recyclers
"Damon Carson, founder & president of repurposedMATERIALS headlined our ISES Denver January event in what became a surprisingly thought-provoking and creativity-stimulating experience."

>>Stacy Horn
-International Special Events Society - Denver
"Damon’s presentation I attended in Memphis, TN on ‘repurposing’ was quite entertaining. He even selected me to be a part of his presentation as a participant in his onstage game show. The presentation definitely broadened my thinking on sustainability."

>>Kris Eigenbrood
-Campbells Soup
"I attended Mr. Carson’s presentation on ‘repurposing’ at the Investment Recovery Association conference. The presentation was excellent. The presenter was engaging and the subject matter was captivating. It has stirred me to investigate this intriguing subject in more depth. One of the most engaging presentations I have attended in a long time."

>>Tim Cimperman
-Sales Manager | Amlon Resources Group
"Damon’s repurpose presentation provided Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Association members with another tool to provide to industries that can help keep their waste stream out of landfills and help the overall environment. Damon’s presentation style is very upbeat and interactive and was a great way to close out our conference, in a survey taken of our conference speakers, Damon’s repurpose presentation received very high marks and only positive feedback."

>>Chip Padilla
- Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Assoc.
"Damon, My 7th Graders loved your presentation on “repurposing”. The whole concept seemed to really resonate with them. And your insights into what is takes to be a social entrepreneur were quite helpful, too."

>>Jenni Rhoadarmer
-Middle School Instructor
"Comments solicited during the day from the over 235 attendees indicate his program was well received. He made an excellent and informative presentation on his company’s work in making new use of used materials. Damon's enthusiasm and knowledge created a good presentation and infused energy into the room."

>>Marie Kruzan
-Executive Director | Association of New Jersey Recyclers

"I believe ‘repurposing’ is for sure a new frontier in sustainability efforts. Thanks for your keynote presentation at our state conference! Your message really resonated with our industry folks."

>>Spencer Duncan
- Executive Director | Kansas Organization for Recyclers
"I really appreciate your presentation! Very interesting, what a cool market you are creating. I wish you all the best of luck in advancing the idea that there are many more options for waste stream items other than the landfill!"

>>Jennifer Grant
-United States Green Building Council