IBC Totes

IBC Totes
IBC Totes are large tanks. They are typically used to store and transport fluids or other bulk materials. Some of these totes are “food grade” or have carried food products while others may have contained chemicals. They have a galvanized steel rod exterior built to protect the inside plastic “bladder”. Both the size and rigidity of the structure of these caged tanks make them ideal for “repurposing”. We carry one or two different sizes–depending on available inventory.
Product Name Price  
ATL: 330 gallon IBC Tote - Non-Food Grade
330 gallon capacity | Food Grade | 171 lbs
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CHI: 330 gallon IBC Tote - Food Grade
330 gallon capacity | Food Grade | 171 lbs
DEN: 275 gallon IBC Tote - Food Grade
275 gallon capacity | Food Grade
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What does Food Grade and Non-Food Grade mean?
We use these terms to help clarify to the customer what was in them previously. The "Food Grade" status means that there was some form of food substance in them. It can be anything from wines and juices to coconut oil. "Food Grade" rated items are typically safe for "repurposes" such as water storage or aquaponics systems. The "Non-Food Grade" status means that there was chemicals in them previously. Frequently, they carried various kinds of cleaners which means the totes are not safe for certain applications.
How much does an empty IBC tote weigh?
A 275 gallon IBC tote weighs about 100 pounds. The 330 gallon totes are approximately 175 pounds each.
What was in the plastic containers previously?
These IBC totes are used to ship a wide variety of products. We sell them as “Food grade” or “NON-Food Grade”. Food grade means they contained a food product previously. **PLEASE NOTE: We cannot say for sure what each tote contained before. We relay to purchasers what the previous owners told us was shipped in the containers.
What are the sizes of the openings on these plastic tanks?
The tanks have an 8 inch hole on the top and a 2 inch ball valve at the bottom.
What is the outer cage made out of?
The cage of an IBC tote is made of galvanized steel.
Are these totes cleaned out?
No, we DO NOT rinse out or clean our IBC totes prior to re-selling. We suggest a few quarters at the local car wash for rinsing and cleaning out prior contents.
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