Speaking Topics by Damon Carson

repurposedMATERIALS founder and owner, Damon Carson,  conducts keynote speeches and workshops.  Here are just some of the topics Damon could bring to your next meeting, annual event, or conference.  (NOTE:  If your event is in the Denver area, save on travel-related costs as Damon lives in the area.)

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Sustainability:  “repurposing”…The New Frontier in Landfill Diversion

Fun Game Show with three volunteers from the audience.  Learn about the dirty little secret of Fortune 500 companies and their Zero Waste claims.  “S.A.V.E.” acronym for identifying and packaging materials for “repurposing”.   

 Entrepreneurism – Profiting from the New Zero Waste Economyac

Why Corporate American will love you!  Find out how to capitalize on the weakest links in every sales and marketing department in U.S. companies.   A secret about Harvard and Stanford MBA’s that is very telling.  Case studies of entrepreneurs already profiting from the Zero Waste economy.

If Kids Can Do It…Companies Should, Too!!!

What can industry learn from an empty Quaker Oats canister, a discarded refrigerator shipping box, and the leftover end rolls of toilet paper?  A whole lot actually.  We’ll show you a how “repurposing”, a forgotten ability in childhood, can be utilized in company operations to save both money and the environment.  

What Attendees Are Saying…

“Damon Carson’s vision that he presented at our state recycle conference in Ohio to support sustainable materials management is very forward-looking. I believe that creative reuse will become an increasingly important pathway to a sustainable economy, and I applaud Damon and his team at repurposedMATERIALS for their leadership in demonstrating the possibilities in this regard.” – Neil Drobny, Association of Ohio Recyclers

“Damon’s presentation I attended in Memphis, TN on ‘repurposing’ was quite entertaining.  He even selected me to be a part of his presentation as a participant in his onstage game show.  The presentation definitely broadened my thinking on sustainability.” – Kris Eigenbrood, Campbells Soup

“I attended Mr. Carson’s presentation on ‘repurposing’ at the Investment Recovery Association conference.  The presentation was excellent.  The presenter was engaging and the subject matter was captivating.  It has stirred me to investigate this intriguing subject in more depth.  One of the most engaging presentations I have attended in a long time.” – Tim Cimperman, Amlon Resources Group

“Damon’s repurpose presentation provided Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Association members with another tool to provide to industries that can help keep their waste stream out of landfills and help the overall environment. Damon’s presentation style is very upbeat and interactive and was a great way to close out our conference, in a survey taken of our conference speakers, Damon’s repurpose presentation received very high marks and only positive feedback.” – Chip Padilla, IPCA Chairperson 2013

“I believe ‘repurposing’ is for sure a new frontier in sustainability efforts.  Thanks for your keynote presentation at our state conference!  Your message really resonated with our industry folks.” – Spencer Duncan, Kansas Organization for Recyclers

“Damon, My 7th Graders loved your presentation on ‘repurposing’.  The whole concept seemed to really resonate with them.  And your insights into what is takes to be a social entrepreneur were quite helpful, too.” – Jenni Rhoadarmer, Middle School Instructor