DIY IBC Tote Ideas

IBC Totes, or intermediate bulk containers, are industrial grade tanks that are typically used for transporting bulk quantities of liquids or powders. These plastic totes are often mounted on a pallet, which makes them easy to move using a forklift. And because the tote is often protected by a cage-like structure, they’re extremely durable, so they’re ideal for a variety of different uses. Here are nine great DIY IBC tote ideas to try out yourself!

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Livestock Water Tanks

IBC totes work great on ranches and farms for transporting drinking water around your property for the animals. They hold such a large amount of water that you can fill them up with well water and drive the tote around to fill up drinking troughs at different watering stations around your property.

Rainwater Collection

Harvesting rainwater is a great way to save on your water bill if you’re connected to city water. It’s also a smart way to take advantage of what nature is already giving you, especially in areas where running water isn’t an option and transporting it isn’t convenient. A few strategically placed IBC totes rigged to collect rainwater can be really convenient for watering gardens, trees and shrubs, and more.

There are a few different methods for setting IBC totes up for rainwater collection. Most people use rooftop harvesting methods where they direct rainwater from a gutter system into the tote. Others collect the water in 55-gallon drums and pump the water into their tote once the drums fill up. On larger properties such as farms or ranches, consider rigging barns and shed roofs to collect rainwater from multiple locations.

Chick Brooders and Chicken Coops

IBC totes can be cut and customized to create chick brooding cages. Chicks grow fast and this DIY IBC tote idea can be a cheap way to raise them safely before they’re ready for the coop. As an alternative, your tote can also be used as part of a chicken coop. Your design will be different depending on which route you go. You can search for design inspiration or plans on Pinterest. Or get creative and come up with your own designs.

Compost Bin

If you like nutrient-rich gardening soil, an IBC tote compost bin is a great way to create it. You can easily drill some holes in the bottom of the plastic container for drainage and add an access opening on top for adding compostable materials. Add scraps as needed, aerate the compost by shaking it every few days, and you should have garden-ready compost in about 4 to 5 months.

Worm Compost Farm

If you’re ready to step up your composting game, adding compost worms to your bin is an ingenious way to create sustainable chicken feed while simultaneously getting quality compost for your efforts.

Firewood Storage

The metal cages from IBC totes work well for storing firewood.  Whether you use the plastic liner as part of your storage bin or repurpose that for something else is up to you.

Aquaponic Systems

Aquaponic systems are a method of simultaneously growing plants and raising fish. When IBC totes are repurposed for aquaponics, the tank is typically cut into sections and a two-tiered aquaponic garden is created. It essentially creates a self-sustaining system that nourishes the plants and the fish at the same time. You can find several how-to videos online.

Feed Storage

IBC totes can be used to store chicken feed, grain for cows, dog food and other dry feeds. You’ll want to make sure you’re using food grade IBC totes and not one that has previously been used to store anything chemically based or toxic.

Dog or Calf Houses

By cutting an arched opening in the side of the plastic container, you can easily create a shelter from the elements for dogs or even newborn calves.

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