Architectural Salvage Buyers

With the cost of building materials on the rise, there’s an ever-increasing demand for architectural salvage materials. We buy building materials that have been salvaged from construction, remodeling and demolition projects. If you have overstock of items like roofing materials, lumber, tile, brick, flooring and more, we may be interested in buying them from you. Contact us today for more information.

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Why repurposedMATERIALS?

As architectural salvage buyers, we help businesses get rid of used and unused surplus materials. These items often have minimal value to you and can take up a lot of space. But we can help you turn them into cash. Then, we sell them to people who may be using them for their original intended purpose or even repurposing the items for an entirely new application.

Another positive benefit of our model is that it keeps items out of landfills and makes good use of products that are still in good condition. In a world that’s quick to label things as obsolete or worthless, we believe that with a little vision and creativity, just about anything can be repurposed into something useful. Our customers think so too.

What Do We Buy?

When it comes to architectural salvage, we prefer larger quantities of building materials. We’d rather buy a truckload of material than a single pallet—but we may consider purchasing smaller quantities depending on the item.

We specialize in commercial and industrial materials. Household and residential items are not of interest to us. We’re looking for items that have value as they are. If the materials you have can’t be reused or repurposed, we’re probably not interested in them.

We Make it Easy for You

To find out if we might be interested in your architectural salvage items, contact us and provide us with some information about your materials. Someone from our team of buyers will get in touch with you quickly to discuss your items and determine if they have repurposing value. If so, we’ll do our best to work out a mutually beneficial deal. Contact us today!