Careers and Internships

At repurposedMATERIALS, we take pride in providing a unique, fun and exciting work atmosphere.  Our employees have an ability to thrive in an always changing, small office setting. We are looking for team players that think our mission is as awesome as we think it is!

Please send resumes to Dan Creacy   Email: dan (at)

 Available Positions:

Branch Manager / Supervisor – Dallas, TX

We are a four year old company and growing very quickly. Our expansion efforts and focus are on locations outside of Colorado. We will be looking for someone with logistics, shipping receiving and warehouse experience. Forklift certified or with good forklift and material handling experience, and the ability to manage a fast paced environment. Once we acquire a property and have our manager or supervisor hired, we will begin to move materials to this site at a fast pace. Being organized and ability to get things done correctly but quickly is key to keeping with the early pace of this startup operation. This operation will start out with a small staff and will increase as needed to keep up with the growth demands.

This job requires connecting with people quickly in an outgoing, friendly manner. The use of persuasive communication skills to gain the interest and involvement of others in the work process is an important aspect of the job.

An extreme sense of urgency is needed, combined with getting work done in complete, accurate detail and in accordance with company standards and policies. The motivation for this position comes from a strong sense of duty and a feeling of responsibility for completing work both quickly and correctly.

A faster than average work pace is necessary combined with impatience for results. Follow-up of delegated work must be very thorough. Decision making will be done with the ideas and advice of others, but always carefully and cautiously within the guidelines of established company policy.

Selling ideas to others and the ability to train, teach and motivate a team are strong aspects of this position. Change is an ongoing occurrence of this job and will be approached conservatively and with the support and guidance of management.

A hands on work style, at times works side by side with warehouse staff to complete tasks.
Faster than average pace
A changing environment, but guidelines and support will be provided for tasks outside of specific job area

Getting things done via creative thinking, being resourceful
Very detail-oriented
Efficiency is of utmost importance

Risk taking is not required
Careful, conservative and by the book, being careful to avoid mistakes
Decisions will be made with input from others

Communication and Collaboration
Will involve the team, including Denver management, throughout the whole work process
Communication will be friendly and persuasive
Will project enthusiasm and promote team participation

Delegation and Leadership Style
When the job requires delegation, a thorough, but pleasant follow-up will be required
Will be a friendly and responsive team leader with a strong sense of duty

Honest and of high integrity. Willingness to manage a growing operation and get things done within company guidelines, but without direct daily on location supervision.