About Us

How could people as unrelated as an Ohio River tug boat operator, a turkey farmer in Arkansas, a water well driller in Montana, or a thoroughbred horse stable in Kentucky be a vital piece to keeping someone else’s byproducts and waste out of the landfill?  Through “repurposing”.

Yes, any of these industries – or one the thousands of others in America – might be the key to keeping a particularly byproduct or waste stream out of the landfill if they can “repurpose” it to solve a real problem in their operation.

Since our inception just a few short years ago, being this industrial matchmaker is what repurposedMATERIALS is all about.  As in our own definition of repurposed materials, we find that “second unrelated industry” that can make use of these byproducts and waste.

Many ask, “Does ‘repurposing’ make more sense environmentally or economically?”  We think it makes sense both ways.  We divert hundreds of thousands of pounds, otherwise headed to the landfill, to new industries that can give the materials a second life.  At the same time, purchasing these used materials save our customers 50-75% over buying new, purpose-built products.

We solicit industry by simply asking…“Got Byproducts?”  If you have byproducts or waste in your operation that you think might be a candidate for “repurposing”, please contact us or email us pictures and a description.




Want to see what else we are about? Come visit us at our new location at 10220 Brighton Rd Henderson, CO 80640 to browse, buy, and get more “repurposed” ideas!