55 Gal Barrels

USED Steel and Plastic 55 gallon drums can store and transport fluids and other bulk materials. These barrels are durable and have all kinds of “repurposes”. We carry a variety of types of USED barrels. See our inventory below.
Product Name
Metal | 55 gallon | Non-Food | Open Top - Rough | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
Metal | 55 gallons | Bung | Food | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
Metal | 55 gallon | Food Grade | Locking Lid
Metal | 55 gallon | Food Grade | Open Top
Plastic | 55 gallon | Non-Food | Bung |
Metal | 55 gallon | Non-Food | Locking Lid | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
Plastic | 55 gallon | Tight Head | Food Grade | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
Metal | 55 gallon | Non-Food Grade | Locking Lid | **LARGE QTY IN STOCK**
What does Food Grade and Non-Food Grade mean?
We use these terms to help clarify to the customer what was in them previously. The "Food Grade" status means that there was some form of food substance in them. It can be anything from wines and juices to coconut oil. "Food Grade" rated items are typically safe for "repurposes" such as water storage or aquaponics systems. The "Non-Food Grade" status means that there was chemicals in them previously. Frequently, they carried various kinds of cleaners which means the totes are not safe for certain applications.
Do USED 55 Gallon Drums have removable lids?
Some do and some don’t. “Open Tops” have lids. We frequently call these Locking Lids. “Tight Heads” do NOT have lids that can be removed. They just have two bung holes for filling and emptying.
What are the dimensions of a USED Barrel?
Most 55 gallon barrels are 21 inches in diameter and 36 inches tall.
Are these USED Barrels and Drums cleaned out?
No. The drums will have some residue of the previous product in them.
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